Shun network technology investment of 40 million yuan net net shares accounted for 4% of coffee

July 7th morning news, Hangzhou Shun network Polytron Technologies Inc (300113.SZ) (hereinafter referred to as the "network") recently announced that the ICAF intends to invest 40 million yuan Shanghai Mdt InfoTech Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "net net net"), accounting for 4% of the shares.

It is reported that

, the foreign investment in all sources of funding for our own funds, no related party transactions.

announcement, Shanghai net Mdt InfoTech Ltd predecessor Shanghai Net Development Co. Ltd., founded in 1998, the legal representative for Huang Feng. The net cafe is committed to providing customers to create a new Internet experience, the business scope covers the Internet service chain stores, computer and peripheral products, social gaming software etc.. The net’s include Internet cafes, Internet cafes, butterfly fish wind Ocelot gaming, four chain brand net gaming.

At present, Shanghai

Mdt InfoTech Ltd net number of stores has reached more than and 500, has more than about 6000000 members of more than 25 million years of service, the service scope covers more than and 100 City, and extends to Canada, Australia and other countries. In 2015 1 launched strong net gaming.

said: "our valued net net coffee in Internet cafes in the transformation of the traditional mode of innovation, execution and brand guide force, gaming will combine its own strategic planning, expand the depth of cooperation in all aspects of the net and Internet cafes, gaming products to improve user experience, enhance the gaming industry’s influence."

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