Xiong Xiaoge cultural industry is not tuyere technology is the tuyere

March 30, 2016, by the Qing group and the investment community hosted the 2016 China Entertainment Industry Investment Summit held in Marriott Northeast Hotel Beijing. Pointed out that the State Planning for 13th Five-Year, 2020 "the cultural industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy, and the potential of consumption, the rapid development of Internet, the domestic and foreign market demand will be pushed to the entertainment industry in the teeth of the storm. Multiple positive under the Nuggets cultural and entertainment industry trillion market has become the consensus of investors.

IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge was invited to attend and published a report entitled "capital frenzy swept the entertainment industry" speech, he shared the view on Cultural Industry Investment:

one, I think there is an investment outlet, but said the cultural industry is not the outlet, in fact, technology is the outlet, because of the cultural and entertainment industry, the most important thing is the means of communication;

two, the cultural industry in the China future success will be combined with the current Chinese improving infrastructure, and mobile Internet technology, which is a direction of development, entertainment + technology is the air;

three, whether television, fashion, film, a very important point is the mode of consumption, a good copyright and mode, can do a lot of years, as investors can only cast business model, and business innovation system;

four, cultural and entertainment industry opportunities everywhere, as an investor, you need to do is how to determine what consumers need, such as the Spring Festival entertainment.

Xiong Xiaoge: the cultural industry is not a tuyere, technology is the outlet, the most important means of communication, model consumption

wonderful speech sharing:

cultural industry is a technical tuyere tuyere, it is important means of communication

we are talking about the tuyere, a lot of people say there is no air, it was said that there is an air outlet, I personally think that there is still an investment outlet. But if the cultural industry is an outlet, I think this argument is not true, in fact, talk about the investment outlet, important or technical outlet. Why is it important to talk about technology, because it’s important to spread the culture and entertainment industry?.

a few days ago in Hangzhou to attend the opening ceremony of the second Ma Lake University, listen to them talk a lot, learn a lot, we are talking about a great company, such as face book, such as ali. These two companies, Ma said to let the world is not difficult to do business, face book to people all over the world together, they have been developing very fast, the Alibaba is 17 years of history, the book is now face 12 years of history.

such a huge company, they found what kind of tuyere I think Ma found the PC Internet outlet, Zuckerberg found a social outlet. At that time, in the face of the book did not start to think of the connection to the world, just to enter the University, want to connect the beautiful girls in Harvard, with friends is related. The company does

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