Google Chinese blog right and wrong practices on improving CPC

The right approach:

for the display position setting custom channels, allowing more advertising to participate in the competition of your website showcase. Please read this blog, understand the relevant details and the specific setting method.

in the previous post, we explain what is "revenue per thousand impressions, and how it affect activities by users on your site. Today, we hope that this topic go one step further and discuss some strategies help to improve your ad units CPC.

some publishers believe that adding high keywords in web pages can improve the income of the website. This approach is not desirable. In fact, we always recommend publishers around its familiar, the topics of interest to organize web content, so as to continuously provide original content attractive, to attract visitors to visit its Web site.

as little as possible to filter advertisements so as to avoid the shield with the highest bid advertising and reduce your potential income. Please watch this, a better understanding of the advertising bidding process for your ad space and how to create the ideal environment of competition.

CPC is good or bad is not an absolute standard can be quantified, but you can still through the right way (and avoid some wrong practices) for advertising on the site to enhance the target of CPC. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices listed below:

finally, don’t try to act in any standard, without the express permission of the nobility baby way to manipulate the positioning of ads or delivery. If you have any questions, please read the noble baby AdSense cooperation norms.

is not the right way:

do not create multiple accounts. Publishers may the name of the same payee to open multiple AdSense accounts, installed from different account ad code will not have any impact on your CPC on the same website.

the highest bid ads will show the first ad unit in your HTML code. In order to use this feature, you need to understand what the ad unit most clicked through custom channels. Then, you can easily change the site code, to ensure the highest bid advertising display advertising unit in your best in effect.

I hope this helps you to better implement the AdSense advertising and the maximum.


to prevent plagiarism. This approach violates the norms of our cooperation.

let all of your ad units can also display text and pictures / rich media ads. Let more advertisers to participate in the competition of your ad units, the ad auction system will ensure the highest bid winning advertising opportunities. A detailed understanding of one of our distributors to complete this change, and then through the AdSense interface batch modify all your ad units.

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