The website is three kinds of phenomena and measures K

this is the most serious, before they met friends said, the search engine of all K light hair, nothing left. It also often see online friends said that the solution is stable, update the high quality of the chain, actually do not what role, of course, if you persevere, persist in a year or so, may be moved by the love of Shanghai or Google. I sleep on the station before K method used directly for the new domain name, or can speak with WWW analysis to WWW domain name, also can rebind a domain name to the site, in fact, is to let the search engine included a new domain name, when search engines, we again in exchange for the original domain name was K. In a word, I have a new domain name, equivalent to reject all search engines crawl my site.

2, general


doing Shanghai dragon ranking in your hard every day like a day, like a bolt from the blue K station resounded in your ears, you can not eat dinner, night can not sleep, and don’t forget to scold with deep hatred and resentment few search engines. Shanghai dragon journey, will encounter K station, in fact, this is a good thing, so difficult to let the webmaster have grown up, mature.

K, stayed home.

injured all over the body.

1, the total was K

3, general small K, the home page is K.

and second kinds of circumstances, this is the home page is K, pages and keywords ranking are in general, this situation is caused by excessive site optimization, which belongs to the lower right, there may be a website stack keywords, keyword density is too high, a single chain of other reasons. Overall, is the site of the frequency is not well controlled, such as the update, the chain channel construction, exchange Links etc.. If the home page is k, you can check the main keyword density and >

this phenomenon more, all the inside pages are K off, only the home page, this time should be timely processing sites, or sites will be always K may have injured all over the body. Cause this to happen is the readability of web content is not high, not high correlation, and so on, the procedure may be the site framework is not reasonable, no site map, this results in a spider climb to the site co.. When this phenomenon, we try to write a readable article on the front page, the best, so the plant easy to climb to your site. There is a page can leave their URL page on the site, in some work that is outside the chain.

K but the station is always not good, hard in vain it will take more time to recover, as both sides, since station has been K, don’t be sad, do K station after recovery is a priority, the author people for the analysis of several K station phenomenon.

The opposite of


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