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in recent years, with the development of Internet technology, search engine optimization of industry competition, Shanghai Longfeng exploration shortcut, and search engine is also in progress, can not ignore its intelligence, at present, in distinguishing >

station group characteristics is not obvious, we are not aware of, one base station sites to search engines will not be found, but subtle base station sites related to each other, each other in weight. This is features an excellent station group. How to do this? First of all in the domain name registration information should reflect the difference; secondly, many owners in order to save the time and cost of capital will choose some.Ifo as the domain name as the station site domain name, as the station group administrator’s personal webmaster different suggestions to this practice, made a vivid metaphor, like the Webmaster Station Group many of its resources in a large warehouse, warehouse fire in the warehouse, things will be spared, burned, and the station group is the same concept, once the search engine to find a station group was identified as spam sites, then the station will be affected, the worst case is all K. Just as the 2011 nobility baby all search engine website, like removing suffix completely blocked, so the station group collective operations, should also pay attention to the difference.

with the Shanghai dragon industry competition, maximize some Shanghai dragon Er tries to find a way to get the benefits, or a new Shanghai Dragon technology to rapid uptake of search engine traffic, after years of research found that the concept of stations in Shanghai Dragon Phoenix industry wide recognition, but also widely application of station group is simply by a webmaster to manage multiple web sites, many websites related to each other, through Links mutual transfer, the weights of the website, one or more other drive part, a common intake network flow approach. Station group as a new thing, in a brilliant experience, but the principles of hard work, restricting this shortcut, along with the development of search engine technology, a major update, stations have major contusion of search engine, many webmaster again to return to the right path, more respected the original. But the station group is not many webmaster or unable to get up after a fall, as in the past, how they live, the following is the webmaster summary to avoid search engine punishment station group note: the promotion of

postscript: some owners will use cheaper to TK free domain name suffix. My suggestion is that if you build the English trade website that is OK, if you build the Chinese corporate website, you don’t have to consider, the search engine of this kind of website, to the weights of the low. Once the owners personally build a station group, part of the site domain name suffix TK, spent a tremendous effort, no way thought, what website didn’t pick up.

station group of mysterious site out of the ordinary

site registration information to different individual combat

selected domain names have certain differences 2,

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