The three stages of website optimization promotion

in addition to specific learning, should be attention to their time, energy and wisdom all gathered in Shanghai Longfeng above, to maximize the initiative and creativity. How do the focus of Shanghai dragon, mainly to do three things:

, to focus on the long tail keywords content. Long tail keywords can help improve the rankings, also can bring a steady flow. So, to focus on the long tail keywords, as is not to the original, but not too important, it is important content to do fine, the only way to gain the ideal results.

third, chain layout, to focus on the principle of reasonable guide. The conversion rate and the user from the user experience point of view, the site has the obligation to recommend knowledge of their information to the user, and try to improve their access to the site of pleasure. Users want to create value for us, we must open the speed from the web, to guide customers to buy the products of this series of process to pay attention to a reasonable guide.

is engaged in study of Shanghai dragon to do the following three points: (1) have a strong desire, (2) in order to enhance the technical thinking and willing to work, (3) the Shanghai dragon as a means of livelihood. In addition, learning in the process of execution, we have to do three things: (1) comprehensive combing all the theoretical knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng especially important technical knowledge; (2) to improve its technology in actual combat and find out their strengths and develop; (3) and continuously improve their accumulation in combination.

many beginner Shanghai Longfeng people often feel very difficult, do not know how to learn, so the first thing to do is for the novice or single-minded, single-minded in growing progress in the webmaster, to concentrate on Shanghai dragon every day, take the time to study Shanghai dragon, hold Shanghai dragon. On the one hand, continuous efforts, on the one hand is the temporary flow are relatively poor, in this process still specific learning, realize the accumulation, to achieve a qualitative breakthrough day.

second, outside the chain, to focus on the chain of high quality. The chain is only included in the chain to be effective, to pursue high quality, must have high correlation and extensive degree, display rate is high, but a lot of the chain can not do these things, so many people use the forum signature over the fire links, it can also achieve this purpose.

has long been committed to the research and practice of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, often feel boring and exhausting Shanghai dragon live, will consider what to do optimization work today every day in the mind? What method effect? How fast to do site optimization and soon reached the ideal ranking. We walked carefully back course, will find that Shanghai Dragon technology promotion and generally go through these three stages.

First, the content of

first stage: the specific study of Shanghai dragon

second stage: focus on Shanghai dragon

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