How to find out the cause and solving method causes site


maybe you spend a lot of thought, maybe you used a lot of time, you may have good intentions, but you may inadvertently make a big mistake. It is in order to make our website and give them a better first impression, win customers favor, so too much load picture ah ah, animation and so on, yes, may look pretty cool. However, if so let your website becomes the snail, and even cause the browser crashes, it is recommended that you remove these fancy, just quickly modified it, don’t give your site so much load, let him move. Now this fancy speed era, not many people are willing to take the time to wait.

perhaps few people love the title of the party, because this is very easy to give a person a kind of feeling that I cheated and. Trust is the most difficult to establish a relationship is most likely to damage between people. Of course, now in the development of the search engine optimization personnel, shielding the title of the party may no longer be difficult, but there is.

three, full title party


, a loading efficiency is low

do a dish of delicious dishes need to put the seasoning the deployment of a just perfect, but bad food need only a seasoning not placed enough. For we all well prepared meal or gift — website, is the same reason, let others love and come to your website a lot to do, but let people hate your site may only need to have a trouble is enough. Below, the author will introduce the site to let the behavior make some people uncomfortable, if you find your site in return rate is not high, then look carefully, the following behavior in your site there is, if any, perhaps this is the crux of oh.

website is not impossible, but the website advertising, advertising only, please, that is also called the site? Yes, all the webmaster pointing to advertisement make money, but if your site is full of advertising, you can also earn money, because it is impossible to have hits. At the beginning of a substantial advertising, let the user depressed, what am I to come why? Before downloading, first click on the ads, always make people feel that you are in blackmail, do I have to download it again here; even worse, display advertising in an instant, I click on a link to money, you don’t want to have, this is OK, I come back, the next time, I can not come, I also can not afford Untouchables to hide me. The advertising website, my approach is to directly turn off, lest stay too long and rather baffling to trample what mines. So, you were, don’t fall into the eyes of the money, advertising is important, but more important to the user’s reputation. Remember, you provide to the user service, absolutely not advertising, otherwise, you can only contact with the user site. Give a little bit of interest in front of it, look a bit further, as long as your site has enough hits, advertising is not missing.

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