Now can also share method to improve website weight and spider crawling

2. for Google, it will look at the PR to identify the value of the site and weight. If the high PR website, Google spider will crawl, turn to low PR content site. The higher the weight of the site, the spider crawling to the opportunity will be bigger. If a high weight of the site links to your site, then the spider will soon find your website, and give priority to grab your content. At the same time, if high weight website links to your site, relatively speaking will also give you the site outside the chain of high weight. So, a lot of new beginning are desperately looking for some high PR website to do Links or buy links.

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3. factor

website ranking except in the chain, external links is also very important. These external links like on your website to vote, the search engine will be through these external links to your site to increase a certain weight and ranking. If a type of information the site outside the chain from high weight website information types, website information is also another type of website, is a chain of high weight, the weight of another chain, then the chain weight high website ranking will naturally in low weight chain type the front of the site.

This paper consists of:

spider crawling to the content, and through some complex aspects related, decide whether to include these contents. This, it is crawling the web page, in addition to the link, and XML map index. The spider crawling to the page, don’t value will add the index database. It is called a spider, because its main job every day is above the network crawl crawl content.

through high quality external links can improve your site weight and the spider crawling frequency, improve the amount collected website in search engine rankings and.

Shanghai dragon knows every web site outside of the chain and website content related to the chain of these correlations for the website ranking will play a role. The spider is through a link to your website, the author for your secret, how a spider crawling of the chain.

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