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press click on user fees. The optimization way of Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Friendly), refers to according to the characteristics of the search engine index, rational planning of angle of the structure of the site, content construction scheme, user interactive communication, make the site more suitable for search engines to retrieveprinciples, so through the Shanghai dragon can make the site more easily indexed by search engines and the ranking.

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users in the use of search engines, are hoping to find their ideal that results in the first page of results can, in can not find satisfactory results when users turn over to try, but the number of users can be access to the results page is limited. According to the American marketing agency iProspeet "2006 – 2012 U.S. Internet users search behavior analysis" report shows that more than 90% people in the first three pages of results page judgment, if you will give up the search or select other search engines can not find a suitable result. Because of the characteristics of the user search, the user search behavior in SEM is very necessary.

promotion way or Shanghai dragon, the ultimate goal through the development of search engine marketing based on search engine, and reach a benign symbiotic relationship, achieve high specific products or brand promotion. At present, many domestic Internet service providers under the banner of Shanghai dragon banner, the statement does not require the use of search engines through paid services, as long as the SE0 will be able to bring customers access to improve, this makes a lot of commercial advertising industry practitioners and academics believe that the Shanghai dragon and Phoenix ~U pay promotion is opposite, only need to study the user search Shanghai dragon behavior. However, in fact, pay promotion has a premise, is to choose good keywords. If the customer is not familiar with the heat of the keywords characteristics, pay promotion role to the contrary, if through the analysis of the consumer search behavior to carry out a reasonable pay key service, not only can bring the keywords expected access to a considerable amount of keywords, some unexpected can also bring traffic and potential customers for the web site. However, no matter what kind of website, as long as the development of Shanghai dragon, can reduce the amount of certain keywords paid service, this is because.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) search engine marketing website, is refers to the use of search engine users habits, by way of promotion or pay to optimize the operation mode, makes some website keywords in the user’s search results page ranking as before, so as to guide the user to click, to achieve the purpose of sales promotion and brand exhibition. Here is the payment, mainly refers to the search engine promotion service, users pay account fees and deposit fees, according to the quality cost per click depends on your keyword set bid keyword and ranking of

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