Methods of avoiding secret stations six misunderstandings in the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

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: prevent all the content of the website is the same, a lot of people do stand webmaster don’t have much time to do the original content, and even some of them are not willing to engage in false original, all the contents of the site are done through the same acquisition rules, structure and content of the website that the similarity of nearly ninety-nine percent. The natural site is easy to search engine recognition, so the content of construction, we must make false original, spend more time, let the website content difference to reach more than fifty percent to

station is currently a search engine optimization method is very effective, but the station group itself operation and optimization if he will be search engine grab away, so will your entire station group to K off, so loss but not a tiny bit, that is to optimize the station group injured in the sinews or bones, so is very important, but the optimization of station group how to effectively avoid being search engine seized the bag? It should try to avoid the following six common stand swarm optimization error

five: the construction of the chain can not all sites are the same, to change, to the hands of resources for each web site with the chain of different resources, so it can avoid the search engine to detect


two: Web host IP address is the same, a lot of people in order to save costs, choose the same to the content under the same IP server site, this form of natural site is easy to identify, generally not more than 200 websites, IP address or a sample, unless more than more than 200 sites, with a IP only up to four sites, and can not link between the four

is the first to talk about the search engine is how to catch the station group of the bag? Is the regularity of the general search engine judgment method mainly through the general station group will have this or that law, especially some lazy station managers, standing group of regularity is very obvious, such stations easily search engines, so we want to avoid the search engine of the investigation, it should try to put their own stations do no rules! Below is the concrete methods of

three: Web site keywords are all the same, this is generally a lot of standing in common, at this time in order to keep the long tail word keyword will become various, so that search engines do not follow the law of

four: website template avoid by all means the same many owners in order to save the construction site of the time, all the love with the use of a CMS station program, now on the Internet there are many, you can choose several to do! At the same time to make some more free template to do different

: six stations between the sites do not every website station connected, this is not practical, it is easy to be identified by the search engine, because a website can not get so much of the total connection, but we can link the content of the web page, so it is not.

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