Three ways to solve the soft reprint link has been tampered with

others of the article itself is immoral, but also a kind of illegal behavior, hope the webmaster friends do not for their own selfish unscrupulous stealing someone else’s original article, that the acts of theft not only damage to the original author, but also with the search engine algorithm upgrade, will cause the thief of course, as a moral damage, "

The role of the soft

with love Shanghai library for copyright attention, I believe more and more owners have begun to pay attention to their own copyright, if you find yourself site article most are stolen, under normal circumstances, as long as you communicate with them, they will immediately delete these infringing articles, and through these to the forum moderators report also, to let them pay attention to the theft of the published account, in the future they will steal more and more difficult, the effect will be more obvious

three: the search engine will also let the mature theft can reduce

has been more and more valued webmaster, soft can not only promote their own websites can also give your website to bring a lot of the chain, so as to help improve the weight of their own website, but really to write an original article itself is very difficult, it takes a lot of effort. But you spend a lot of writing articles, but others in the reprint your article to you the link inside his own, this is not a kind of respect for others of creation, is also a kind of obvious infringement, and believe in the love of Shanghai in the future for such violations will certainly increase the punishment, you know they are now other love Shanghai library have the infringement of article deleted, this is the culture of respect and respect for copyright, the sooner or later be reflected by love Shanghai algorithm! Of course at the present stage, the relevant algorithm of love Shanghai is not very mature, for this kind of behavior we want to steal active attack, here we have to introduce several thefts from this method

: a relevant forum to report

search engine is mature, the original article is more and more attention, those who steal to reprint articles will be more and more do not have the market, and the original first will usually occupy the top spot, and with the love of Shanghai and Google for the same article take only a policy for those who reprint this will be a very detailed review, those eliminating inconsistent links will soon fall, so before that want the way to steal brush an original way now basically are outdated,

With the address! !

this is actually a kind of passive solution, we write the article published in the A5, once found someone to reprint your article without leaving a link or one link, we will report in the relevant forums, such as the A5 forum, stationmaster net forum and so on, fill in the report of the content to write their own the reason, we need to fill in the relevant original


two: linked to the relevant forum moderators, allow them to remove the infringing articles


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