Several effective methods of mining industry is the main noun keywords of the original article


original article has been one of the most troublesome problem, I believe that every webmaster have to do their own original article cheats, I have done many years of site, today and share some of my own to write original articles several ideas. The main keywords of an industry, generally is a noun, such as instant noodles, umbrellas, chairs. Here with the instant noodles industry as an example. Below I dig the product attributes of instant noodles.

is the three major factors of instant noodles production, is necessary for raw materials, equipment and production workers (production technology).

has many divergent thinking on the inside, such as eating instant noodles (who) who can continue to transform, of course, location (where) time (when) and reason (why) and eat (how), can be changed.


is third, the sales of this product attributes, this is the most important, because this is what we do to.




we are here to provide such a formula, 5W1H, also known as who, when, where, what, why and how.


first, any one product is able to be produced, which is an attribute of the most obvious.

this noun is the most easy mining industry is the main key words of the original article, segments of the industry may be difficult, welcome webmaster and I discuss my blog: lincun, Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝, lincunshuihu贵族宝贝>


second, the use of instant noodles


(1) materials into flour, palm oil, additive and material needs of the various package materials;

(2) equipment, playing machine, frying machine, packing machine and so on, of course, the machine is not enough, and part of the production process, such as temperature, pressure. The cutter speed settings and so on;

(3) human factors is indispensable, production workers is the most important part, but before production engineer formula and after production QC inspection is very important.

sales, not necessarily from the sales staff and distributors, in the middle of the wits and transportation inventory and so on related issues, and finally to reach the hands of customers. My every box inside the text is an attribute, there are a lot of the original theme of the article can write, but can guarantee there will be people in the search.

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