How one by one investigation website keywords ranking suddenly drop

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December 2nd morning check, in addition to popular word in the home, other long tail words and popular words are ranked out, really need to carefully check the reasons! Find the cause, because there is a rising trend and has been ranked the stable for more than a week yesterday, so get rid of optimizing actions a week ago may be adverse the effects of the problem should appear in this week, I mainly to the investigation from the following aspects:



content: we stand has been updated daily in five or six or more, and often I will send some pure original article, through the investigation of the effect of the original articles do not cover, can improve the quality of website does not say, even the whole station included the amount increases.

eliminate the cause: last week downtime did not happen again during this week, and 11.24 days in the week has eliminated, and ranking reached a stable state, so the server factors removed.

Shenyang move network this year 7 at the end of the line, after two months of hard work, the popular word "Shenyang move" and common word "Shenyang moving company" was ranked in the Shanghai home of love. In October 24th, according to the instructions to modify a title, the ranking out to ten pages away. 11 at the end of the main site keywords ranking rose again to the home page. (the October 24 revision of screenshots title before the site in CNZZ tool to check on the

server: I get a monitoring treasure, monitoring server, in addition to 11.24 am two times the crash occurred, has been very stable.

1. server


a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers may do cases, will encounter this kind of situation, are not easy to do up the rankings once fell, a time puzzled, don’t know which one is part of the problem, where to start to do. Encountered this situation do not panic, the site was K or plummet in the rankings for a particular reason for it, a case by the author to analyze in detail the author, how one investigation analysis of the causes of the decline in ranking websites.

eliminate the cause: this situation lasted a month, ranking back to the first page and the second page, no new friends of the chain increased in the near future, rise, the ranking is also very stable. Therefore, the exclusion is due to involvement of friends of the chain of causes.

2. Links

chain: last month in 10.24 days due to the change of the title, ranking drastically, love Shanghai weight from 2 down to 0, removed a few think server access very slow chain, basically did not add, also do not have a few people and I am willing to add.

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