Several companies talk about my station was K how to restore ranking

the above three problems is the author of several sites were initially diagnosed K, a general station caused by many K factors, such as host, content collection, web copy etc.. As in the end is not because these factors caused by power is not very clear, after all, site optimization techniques have many kinds, black and white are, as long as can be ranked, any means cannot be excluded. To solve these problems, the author also started to optimize.

first, to be K site, whether it is business or station to various sites (such as Taobao, the first railway station) appear similar to the above problems, the author think, largely because of too much junk content, lead spider crawl, then fell in love with the sea was judged as spam sites, natural snapshot it is not updated. In the case of increasing the chain, that spider patronage site frequency is very high, which you can download web log to see. Since there is so much junk content, and these content and not spiders love something, of course, need to delete. However, there is a problem.

website optimization the most taboo is the search engine K site, here is the search engine of K station is mainly in sea K station, because only love will make Shanghai K station, others like Google, Sogou, 360 search and few K stations may, at least the optimized number of enterprises since the station, only to be in love with sea K site. As for the love Shanghai why so arrogant, I believe we all know.

first day of work, I began to seriously compared to those of the site by K and in the stability of the site, after all, before is the same person in the site management, the optimization technique almost certainly. So, after comparison, the author also found that the problem.

problem, by the enterprise K station has a certain weight, but is not updated snapshot, the chain number has a certain number, but also an upward trend (Figure 1)

three page keywords push cut is very serious, generally speaking, the enterprise station keywords push cut is a common situation (said to have certain commercial meaning), but this will undoubtedly give the enterprise stand ranking was left.

first shows that the optimization of the site, from the beginning of September 7th, the first company to work directly facing the management of 7 enterprises to optimize the management station, because it is a network company, this is not surprising. But the problem came out, there are 4 stations were in love with the sea K, only 3 of a certain rank, I think, why most people mess? No way, in order to improve yourself, but also to make a living, I was willing to take over the enterprise station.

two, link power the friendship of the site a lot, because it is the site of many outsourcing network company, this is normal, and some Links also have problems, such as some sites have been K, but still Links.

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