Search engine how to judge the relevance of the links and connecting the site

what is the relevance of the website? A simple correlation is refers to the title and content, and the degree of correlation. If the title inside some key words, and there is no page content, this is not relevant. Just request Title keywords page contains content is not enough, this does not mean that is related to the need to contain the keyword Title occupies the main position in the content inside.

For example

civilization blog in the optimization of the chain, wrote an article about the "Overview" network marketing problems of the bathroom industry, the suddenly mentioned the word "network marketing", and the civilization of the theme of the blog page contains a network marketing problems, and I naturally made a hyperlink to the blog page, this is a correlation, only that the correlation is not very high; if I say the "bathroom" link to the blog, it is tantamount to cheating, cry up wine and sell vinegar, self-evident consequences.

no matter what the industry website, have similar or related websites champion. For example, owners of similar sites, we all trust the authoritative sites, such as A5, Chinaz the laggards, etc.; Shanghai dragon blog site represents: Shanghai dragon day stickers, Lu Songsong blog, blog, blog and other Hong Tao moon; Shanghai dragon class website and Forum Search forum, push a forum, A5 Forum, laggards forum and the 28 forum to push the most authoritative; and the webmaster website, Shanghai dragon blog and Shanghai dragon forum to optimize promotion, should be attached to the relevant authority website.

also known as the anchor text link anchor text, is a form of link. And similar hyperlink hyperlink, the code is the anchor text, the words do a link to other web pages; anchor text can accurately describe the page content, the search engine can be judged through the anchor text links to web pages of the theme is related to the anchor text, this is tantamount to links page to the search engine friendly, beneficial to the spider crawling index. On the contrary, if not related to the anchor text and link web page theme, so that a search engine will arrive very difficult to determine the theme of the web page by page link anchor text, so it is not friendly to the search engine, search engine think this is cheating is the result of the website may be K drop right, serious weight site will never recover. This cheating behavior is completely challenge the search engine authority, will always be the search engine hit the object.

is popular in terms of seeking truth from facts, the title is the theme of the page, the page content is around the title. However, here there is a premise that meet the needs of users. This relationship is what we say.

, anchor text and link page theme is

so how search engines through the correlation link website and link site? From which to judge? Will you answer blog analysis of civilization.

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