Shanghai dragon three big misunderstanding of a detailed novice

1, many novice learning Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng once dragon, think you know a lot, don’t think Shanghai dragon have any difficulties, keyword optimization index from the beginning, even the optimization index thousands of words, this is actually very unrealistic. Everything should start small. Not to mention the index words even Shanghai dragon Er master are very difficult to do.

4, is unable to adhere to the Shanghai dragon Er workers the biggest drawbacks, the website ranking drop, drop right, included reducing, writing outside the chain too tired and so on are likely to be the reason to give up. Here to give you a friendly advice: if you really think Shanghai Longfeng own inappropriate, or can not stand the loneliness in early industry maybe for you is a good.

, on a misunderstanding of Shanghai Longfeng know

has just finished studying in Shanghai Longfeng, began to practice when there will always be some misunderstanding, once errors immediately change it is likely to cause website ranking drop, drop right even K station, and then he discouraged permanently leave Shanghai dragon industry. The author thinks that although Shanghai Longfeng success there are many factors, but the reasons for the failure have some similarities. In doing so, before others to see more mistakes. Some of today’s Chengdu Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding in this article in detail under the most common.

2, the chain link full page. All the chain link to the home page harm is very large, this is a kind of typical.

1, the chain that is everything. Shanghai Longfeng novice think the chain now still with the previous use of the same, only need to rely on the chain can do rankings, is not the case. But we have to do the chain quality beyond number, it is the best in the chain also want to use the combination of content.

3, many people think that the chain can transfer the weight, so the chain as the Shanghai dragon, even more than 80% of the time in the chain, in fact, a real Shanghai dragon Er every day needs to be done very much, including research competitors, content creation, chain, structure optimization analysis of website data and so on.

2, each site has a different market, each industry website source code is not the same. Some people see what others do, do what, blindly follow others to optimize up, standing still. Everyone’s situation is not the same, so the work intensity is different, choose the most suitable method to optimize the website is the best.

, the two misunderstanding of the chain of Shanghai DragonThe

chain is misunderstanding many webmaster met and released every day lots of garbage outside the chain, the chain link is the home page, the use of tools to release the chain group, no rules, which can be regarded as the chain of errors, all does not mean that the site, just rely on the chain to do list is now almost is an impossible thing.

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