The interpretation of how to promote the recruitment network in order to achieve cost optimization

Promotion methods

but I suggest that if we want to promote recruitment network cost to achieve the optimization, do not choose some like paper towels, shopping bags, disposable promotional gifts, but should choose some low cost, exquisite small gifts. As some plus small ornaments, umbrellas, fans and so on, these long small gifts is the advantage of, can be reused as one-time gifts that can only be used once you lose, gifts repeated use of the higher people’s impression of us more profound, and can effectively save the cost of promotion, can shoot two hawks with one arrow.

second: don’t choose a one-time promotional gifts

comes with a typical offline advertising banners, for your reference:

extension of a recruitment network on online promotion is not enough, must also do offline promotion and offline promotion, the most common way is to advertise. We all know that the recruitment network for the group is the job seekers, job seekers, including students, white-collar workers and groups, can be said to be uneven in quality. I found a lot of offline promotion and recruitment network owners would choose billboards in this way, I do not recommend this way, need to use hanging billboards can let more people pay attention to the site, but this cost is very high, and the precision is very low, cannot navigate to various groups of job seekers the effect is often unsatisfactory. And I think, you can choose the simple way of posting advertising posters, posted in some schools, the community, the site, which can save a lot of advertising, but also can accurately locate the various types of job seekers, flexibility is very high.

operation site webmaster clearly, to promote any website takes a certain cost, including labor costs and the cost of capital. But the high cost of investment will not receive the good effect, so in the promotion to achieve cost optimization is a very important thing. So is the promotion of recruitment website, and promotion costs may be more, to talk about how to promote the recruitment website to make the cost optimization now, to achieve the best results.

recruitment network is the highest level held a job fair, but has just started, the development of the recruitment will do not have so much money to do an independent recruitment, also cannot achieve the effect of cost optimization. So this time we need to work together with others. How to find a partner, choose the cooperation opportunity? "

third: cooperation with enterprises held recruitment will enhance the popularity of the website

: the first line of advertising to pay attention to the accuracy and non big net fishing

now propaganda product or web site are a popular way of gifts, gifts can be varied: towels, umbrellas, bags and so on. These simple gifts can make people remember that we want to promote a product and website, is a very effective method of promotion.


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