Nature pragmatic and responsibility understand Shanghai dragon on 2012

2012 will soon be over, facing the new year 2013, I think every webmaster friends are full of hope for the future, which is the ambition to flex its muscles, have suffered in the past year was the. Looking back over the past year, I think can be used to describe the turbulence, is not only the continuous ventilation love Shanghai resulting in tens of thousands of websites and on-line down, 360 comprehensive search, which makes the whole world "jittery", Shanghai dragon do we do not know the future work will focus on what? But all this in the past, 360 returned to normal, love Shanghai eventually give them a way out, no 6.18 to the crazy, but I think you, in 2012 slightly chaotic situation, I think the smart people will think about how to find a shortcut to future development from the past.

I want to experience the K station webmaster must have event memories, a regular warfare is good, why not will be abandoned, past by Shanghai dragon day can have thousands of traffic to the website was back to the moment before liberation, there is no flow no click rate, which makes the many rely on love Shanghai search traffic survival website instant panic, so each big forum is full of the sound of a time for help, Shanghai dragon is no longer trust you, stand has grown into a sad industry. But a lot of the true meaning of the regular warfare eventually through appeal, adhere to optimize the work and get the chance to prove his innocence ", until now, some sites in the end or forward, but I think any a webmaster not good pain is forgotten, compared to 6.18 in the days after the development of distress. In I think everyone is more for 1, combined with other search engines, such as 360 complete source of traffic; 2, how to use the popular media, will flow into the vertical search; 3, the website also has a brand, relying on the psychological luck will do not last long.


also said the key Shanghai dragon, everyone will say that the chain and content, and this comparison, more webmaster love is outside the chain, yes, me too many friends on the high quality of the chain website rankings do the extremely ideal position, even if he’s worth reading and website not the highest. But later want to rely on the means of subsistence owners could be difficult, since late October 2012, Shanghai super love chain cheating algorithm upgrade, main object to combat the intention of manipulating site in Shanghai in search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. Combat spam links include: link, cross chain wheel, sending program links, excessive exchange links, hidden links and the black chain, at the same time love Shanghai for your products to link the degree of attention is also gradually reduced. These methods are commonly used in many webmaster, also love Shanghai to inspect the site links to give more, then cut a road of the development of Shanghai dragon still useful? I think Shanghai is to repeatedly rectification in.

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