The analysis without hyperlink Whether the chain effect of optimization from two aspects

from the two aspects of the analysis without hyperlink. Whether the chain effect of

last year in a network company by using the classification information of mass in a short period of time will be a lot of high index keywords "Huayu logistics" and "logistics" Debon logistics optimization to the top 3, because there are logistics station on my hand, I analyze these messages with the website group the URL is not with hyperlink URL. And the network’s website are used in almost a template, but the color is a little change, the network companies even within 2 months of these words all home occupied, at that time the network company is very rampant, the do the site title behind all bring their own company name. Because the action is too large to be in love with the sea on, many sites are K. Up to now there are still few stand ranking is very good. The website which is not specific Published. Do not believe you search the top site outside the chain of.

: first you from those soft A5 and home owners in the.A5 and can contribute to see the home station article can take a URL, and these URLs are not with hyperlinks, you imagine if this is not a hyperlinked web site outside the chain of no effect so, why everybody everyday so spending time writing articles for publication? Even write some soft Wen people write a soft price up to 50 yuan. There is only one reason: for the chain. Although the article through the audit by a large number of high weight website, then these websites reproduced in the article is the same pure chain website, I looked at about 10 websites with 8 pure URLs. So from this aspect is the most convincing.

?The first The above is my

is from second aspects: the classified information website can be seen. Speaking of the classified information weights are very high, included up to hundreds of thousands of words, the general manual release procedures very much there is no way to release success. And even if the successful also need to review /p>.

to introduce the article, and now there are a lot of people are stressed. The pure chain has a great effect on the optimization, but there is still a lot of people think there is no big effect, pure website construction of the chain is relatively easy. So I hope you make good use of resources and pure. The chain. Maybe one day the optimization effect is obvious. The pure chain, that time may do more than

a Shanghai Longfeng personnel should know the description text keywords and hyperlink URL chain can enhance the site weight and ranking, so often we will ignore this without a hyperlink. The pure form is also belong to the chain. So this is not a hyperlinked web site outside the chain have no effect the optimization has also been questioned by many Shanghai Longfeng personnel, and even most people don’t think what effect and not to do the chain, here I will take you from the perspective of the three is not a hyperlinked web site outside the chain of optimization in the end there is no effect


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