Share with Google free advertising bidding cost Taobao customers to promote

this activity is from New Year’s day, the new Google bid registered users donated 350 yuan experience free advertising costs. Acquisition method is not in trouble, as long as the call free Google customer service phone contact customer service, to provide you the registered account can easily get 350 yuan advertising costs, rather than their own pay 1 cents. Lasted only 4 weeks, and because it is during the Spring Festival, so know not many people and to participate in this activity. This is a very good opportunity.

from January this year, Google launched a new user free advertising bidding activities, the amount of 350 yuan. That is to say, now the new Google bidding account registration can get ad auction costs 350 yuan free. This is a hard to find business opportunities, because Google does not often engage in such activities, but this time Google and no large-scale advertising, the author also through Google mail subscription discovered by accident.

first, must choose the high commission, high conversion rate of products. Do Taobao customers and businesses, although not supply and services, while at the same time the profit is much smaller. And not about the Commission has greatly affected the Taobao passenger revenue, said the conversion rate, would greatly affect the income. Because of their different auction promotion or >

yesterday issued a "customer marketing strategy" from Taobao Taobao mall renamed Tmall, the core idea is to seize the opportunity, do not take the conventional way, a Taobao customer promotion. Want to say today is this meaning. For a long time before, the author introduced the method of love Shanghai, Google Taobao auction off. This method is convenient, basically do not need hard promotion, however, due to the cost, and there is a certain risk, if it is possible to return the not fully guaranteed, so the use of the way Taobao guest is not much, most people only feel powerless and frustrated, or is in a wait-and-see stage.

As the author of

however now the situation is different: because Google offers 350 yuan free advertising costs, so the way to promote Taobao passenger is equivalent to no cost, but its income basically is definitely there, just how much difference. For example: usually you invested 350 yuan, if the lack of experience, improper operation, only to the 200 yuan, this is equivalent to you lost 150 yuan. But now Google offers free advertising costs 350 yuan, even if you just return the 200 yuan, because without the sale, or the equivalent of earned 200 yuan. Even if you don’t make money, but also the equivalent of a free class, since you can appropriate cost to operate Taobao customers.

as to how to operate it? Just go to Google Adwords home, registered an account, and then fill in the necessary information, call the toll free telephone support, after the acquisition of 350 yuan advertising costs, you can create your own campaigns. By bidding Taobao customers, must choose good products, good keyword optimization. Why, how to do? Then we set points from the two angles in detail for advertising.

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