Analysis of Shanghai dragon training the word why love Shanghai without a stable website

Shanghai dragon training the word I am concerned about two years, another point is that my blog has been Shanghai dragon training this word. So for the Shanghai dragon training of the word is still have the right to speak. According to my two years down the attention, find a point is to be a word site basically no stable for a long time, the basic site every day and the top twenty will have a larger floating. The general stability of three months is very good website. According to my concern now down two website ranking that is relatively stable and long-term stability, it is the Shanghai dragon WHY and Shanghai dragon research center. Other sites are just, including my long long flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, blog has put the word dragon Shanghai training do love Shanghai home, but unfortunately, didn’t stay long down. Today is to analyze why the Shanghai dragon training this word is difficult to have a stable ranking in Shanghai.

said there are two sites to Shanghai dragon training the word stable in Shanghai love home, why is this? It is because these two sites are the forum, and form the brand effect, has its own specific user groups. Remember.

another reason I judge is to search the Shanghai dragon training this word people are basically doing the training Shanghai dragon "of the people, rather than real users, so as to increase the cost of our judgment. According to a friend of Shanghai dragon training said that they have done to statistics. Search Shanghai dragon love Shanghai training index of more than 400 of the word every day, and the flow of home is less than thirty percent. This is enough to explain the word search Shanghai dragon training people is the word of his own people, based on the principle of search engine. If the search engine top ten sites should be accounted for seventy percent of the traffic, which is to meet the needs of users. Like Shanghai dragon training this word actually accounted for only thirty percent words, enough to show the page ranking of the sites do not meet the needs of users. I believe this is also caused by the Shanghai dragon training is a difficult word to stability in the important reasons to love Shanghai.

from the perspective of the user experience, the user may demand constantly changes, and your site is a constant. May your website ranking is up, then you can only represent the website is to meet user needs, and the needs of users after the change occurs, and your site does not have what change, so the ranking is hard for a long time. This can be from the search for love in Shanghai can be seen, I often pay attention to the related search Shanghai dragon training this word, found that almost every day there are different changes. What Shanghai dragon combat training, Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon network training, professional training, free training, Shanghai Dragon (except artificial brush). The search indicates that the user needs are constantly changing, and our website is very difficult to grasp these changes, your website ranking also represent you when this is to meet the needs of users today. Change fast and slow response of our web site is an important cause of Shanghai dragon training is a difficult word to long.

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