To see whether the sale of links have been exhausted from love Shanghai update

love Shanghai for the purchase of links will dispose of

love Shanghai for the sale of links will dispose of

observation of these days and see the love of Shanghai or a certain collection for the sale of the chain link, but the observation of a large industry website has not been right down, specifically, is to say love Shanghai to fight the chain or to the domain name weight look very heavy, some domain name weight >

on the direct contact of words, there are a lot of people directly in the group called the "chain" for personal webmaster believe it is learned that the only way to get some of the chain is good, this website is generally well maintained and that only let love any Hisense website, transfer the link is valuable, and these trust station, personal website also occupies a large proportion of. So, if you need to link, go directly to this station, then to establish mutual trust, I believe you can get the weight transfer.

on that day, 11.5 love Shanghai released the official news, said the purchase link algorithm of monitoring sites will be in love with Shanghai and lose the competition opportunity, this let many webmaster and company wide spread, but think about buying links, in the end is coming from judgment? For example, I buy a chain of love, Shanghai is how to judge it? If so, you directly to your opponent to buy hundreds of thousands of links, that he is not a direct drop right? So, in this one view, as long as you don’t overdo it, it is good to buy some of the chain.

From November 5th

love Shanghai news release Shanghai to inform you, love to link algorithm to update, let me have been observed now, see love Shanghai how much effect for the link to buy website, look for a love Shanghai link to this end had much impact, but also ask link trading, whether it has been a dead end, after all, we sometimes need to use some of the chain in order to make our website more stable, best effect.


links to buy it but also we need to master a pair of good eyes, why? For example, a web site outside the chain of being sold, and hung up hundreds of thousands of the chain, if I’m not mistaken, this is love Shanghai that is a link the factory, is spam links transmission, this page if there is value, love Shanghai do not mix, PS: this industry station except love Shanghai has a prejudice against this station. When buying links in our small eyes, don’t look for some intermediaries, and you should go directly to contact the webmaster, the difference between the two is that the intermediate agency website you are unable to control, basically is the chain of garbage, many of which are everywhere 300-500 links, so stand up your site is an injury, or do not use.


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