Why the tutorial so much you still can’t learn Shanghai dragon

2. the lack of Shanghai dragon learning direction: no matter how much knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, most of the bad friends is very do not know how to learn, how to start, although many tutorials on the Internet, but also because of course caused no effect, the answer, or is a simple generalization. High repetition rate, or is this tutorial said so, the next tutorial to do so, resulting in most of the learning friends do not know who to listen to, but not the direction of learning, as the lost lamb rattling, looking for.


said before, may wish to learn about what the people of Shanghai dragon, I know a friend, to learn Shanghai Longfeng mostly in enterprises as Shanghai Longfeng positions, you want to find a good job, but in the present circumstances, an advanced degree in Shanghai Longfeng depends on the management of how to know the extent of Shanghai Longfeng positions without identity, your superiors, is still very difficult to carry out the Shanghai dragon work; or some full-time wife, at home with children, in order to realize their own value, and want to learn Shanghai Longfeng, remember there is a 28 year old lady said, want to learn Shanghai dragon, then remember it night to coax over the child, then alone lying in front of the computer, usually at 12 in the evening will consult me some problems, the people of Shanghai Longfeng visible learning how to of course; There are also some just left the campus, like hothouse bird out of the cage, specifically to find rich quick cheats, is enough to make you upset.

1. of Shanghai dragon awareness is not high: in most learners, the so-called Shanghai dragon is the optimization of key words to home to want, but the real Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, rather than search ranking optimization, it is because of the ranking as the Shanghai dragon all day, bitter exercises also ranked No one shows any interest in. To give up halfway a few; in a word, you know the Shanghai dragon, you can depend on how far to go in Shanghai dragon road, but this point is not high because of no great importance, know to learn real Shanghai dragon designed to "optimize" two words, not only is the only search engine optimization ranking, but also includes website optimization, website optimization, website content quality conversion rate optimization, website optimization, website server design beautiful page optimization experience, is not found himself only know to do not know other rankings the


in today’s Internet era, any want to know things can be through the network to find a lot of people at home, self-taught, all thanks to the age of the Internet, but the Internet of the Shanghai dragon tutorial so much, can be said to be free to share, why have disaster caused by flooding water, there is still so much to learn but not Shanghai Dragon good friends? First below to share with you why most of my friends don’t study well because of the Shanghai dragon, Cen Huiyu is only a personal opinion, do not like do not spray.

to learn good reasons why Shanghai Longfeng the following:

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