Through the analysis of core factors of Shanghai dragon bring traffic to the site

we look under the long tail keywords operation. Long term operation of some friends may say, a weight is not high site can make the inside pages will be ranked? It sounds unlikely, in fact, that we can do under specific segments, such as we in the choice of keywords, we should try to find those who upset some of the word. Here is not to say that a popular IP search is not possible, but even if there is a search index we are worth doing. Another is the precise positioning of the long tail word. Itself didn’t flow, we must consider if there is a IP we must fix him, let him have a conversion rate of more than 60%, so there is always something better than our multi flow posts.

and the flow of Shanghai Longfeng seems quite straightforward, but we will be in the process of real size problems in operation. Today I am in a Shanghai dragon group saw a friend made him website traffic statistics results, see more than 80% of the traffic from the search engine, there will certainly be a part by micro-blog, forum etc.. At least we can draw the conclusion that flow through the search engine is a very good way.

for the domestic market in terms of "do not know love Shanghai." this should be the slogan everyone knows, but basically most people have to perform, really can do not know love Shanghai. Love Shanghai search engine in the Chinese market share, so a lot of Shanghai Longfeng (especially domestic) have to rely on the love of Shanghai. Although we can often see some dirty things: manual, right down, such as malicious malicious click. But because of the presence of users, so there must be a market. Those are only for us to do more than one search engine, but the impact on the user itself is not so directly. The search engine market share, we should further consider how to introduce the search engine traffic. In fact it is two direction, one is the target keywords ranking, and another is the long tail word ranking optimization.

target keywords, in fact, I would like to say that according to the nature of your own ability and keywords to do the best. The so-called ability is very hot words we must consider detour and go, because of time and experience will not allow us to do more consideration; keywords nature, in fact the inside our priorities should be index and conversion of words. Often encounter a word do up but no traffic, or spend a lot of experience to do a word, the final conversion problems, these from the point of view is not.

In fact,

summary, want to do the weight and the content of the final ranking is what is the website included problem. The weight of the website we will have a certain period to accumulate, but we must have an adjustment in the whole operation strategy. To do simple hard. If your site is actually the same target keywords operation concept. Some people will say that often change the title of the site will be right down.

The relationship between

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