Why was Ali mum so upset about the website owner that he was so irresponsibleSina blog can also add

has not put advertising, I contacted Ali mother’s customer service audit and later explain each other to replace the image obviously deceive me, requires it to be revoked, or to replace the previous image, but the customer service that give me a reply, let me contact the advertiser, I later in the forum sent a message to advertisers a few days, did not reply.. Direct contact with Ali Wangwang customer service, and indeed not even a reply, no one in there to get a direct contact with Ali Wangwang customer service!!!

2, a simple web page, which only put Adsense code on it, and then saved as shlf1314.htm, if you do not do a simple web page, you can copy the code into Notepad inside, the file type can be saved as shlf1314.htm. the name shlf1314.htm is taken at random, you can save as any ***.htm


1, landing shlf1314 Adsense web page, apply for Adsense code.

A name for the iboxsoft

Sina blog is not adding JS code, but we can achieve by indirect way, you can go online to find a virtual hosting space online, free space is more than static web pages can support.

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detailed steps:


3, upload the file to your space by shlf1314.htm, and jot down his link.

6, click Save settings, and shlf1314 Adsense ads are already displayed on the home page.

< DIV> < IFRAME align=center marginWidth=0 marginHeight=0 src=" http://s. /shlf1314.htm" frameBorder=0 width=200. Free space; scrolling=no height=200> < /IFRAME> < /DIV>

Ali mother from the opening I started, although his income is less than the shlf1314 more than three times, in addition to the most important position to the outside of the GG, other locations can still put Ali mother do monthly or click, has been on its influence is also good, but yesterday was a thing for me to Ali mother customer service attitude, and to protect the interests of their main site is to the point, now I say me what happened.

4, landing Sina blog background, click on the home page content maintenance "into the" custom blank panel ", click" add ", a title for the panel, such as" shlf1314 Adsense ", select" display source code ", and then in the content box, enter the following code:" /p>

ah, this obvious deception, Ali mother does not help us the interests of the site, such obvious deception regardless of it, it seems that we are very small bully ah… If it hadn’t been for one month, I’d really like to get rid of all of my mother’s ads.. I trust the Ali mother degree is very high, although taxes and maintenance fees, what is the highest I’ve ever seen, but I did not give up because of the ah, but not this time, the advertisers cheat everything, such as advertising subscription has expired, I will completely abandon the mom…

5, in the control panel left menu, click "customize my home page", in the pop-up page click "add module", check the last step of the new "shlf1314 Adsense" panel, click "select"".

ad in three weeks before the scheduled September 30th to October 6th with the position, the audit is a very normal advertising pictures, of course I did not think I know the audit, with just a few days ago suddenly changed the advertising picture, in the picture with a download that is, I download station, the site should know how to download pictures and immediately download without induction is obviously different, and the advertisement pictures in my next two download address, change the image of Ali’s mother even a review is not passed directly…

note: inside the width=200, the value is your own random, but pay attention to width should not exceed the width of the sidebar.

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