On the two level domain station and station of Shanghai Dragon

following it, this is the key.

I will talk about the benefits of Shanghai dragon

second: what time do I use the station, the general is to compensate for the shortcomings such as the master station, the actual web design, the use of static pages, the update is very troublesome, now if the re production process, and take effect in the rankings, at this time, in the directory by a station it is necessary, first of all is to facilitate the update, there is increasing web site included, in order to realize there is shoot two hawks with one arrow, a function, such as message boards, in fact is to make up for the lack of a message that one only plus there is this forum, may we also can be used as two level domain name station however, in order to establish a discussion area, then build a station to the forum is also very reasonable.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, has been written about the website internal optimization problem, then talk about the feeling of today, we must have the help very much, now I explain two level domain name, it is clear that the two level domain established stations, such as jms.hrbzskj贵族宝贝, this is the two level domain name general station, this station is the main station and the contents of a lot of difference, are generally the gateway station. What is the battle station, I like this blog, this blog is 贵族宝贝06xushi.cn/blog/, the station of the station, it was clear that he was in the station directory is in the folder, usually do this in order to increase the content of a web site collected or perfect the website, I and you talk about them in what the case, what are the benefits of Shanghai dragon.

The first

first, this form used in what circumstances, in fact, I also introduced above, the specific said.

is to increase their mutual benefits included and update the site, there may be a lot of daily updated content here, if the management, increase the site of the original, the Shanghai dragon effect is very large, we can see many forums and blogs are independent to do so, it shows that the content of the benefits of the web site, there is a collection of the site from more benefits, included more, more conducive to the rankings, and may also the chain >

: the first use of two websites under what circumstances, usually use a lot of difference down in the content of the website, if similar content did not need to do so, to complete the line in a site, there is a large portal station, because the content is too much, this is conducive to the management, and just want to get a stable ranking, or to facilitate the optimization, so that the two level domain station has a great advantage, though in the beginning he may than the station ranking behind, but in the long run, or better than the station, but also affected by the domain name is not very large, very stable rank so we must choose the two level domain name at this time station.

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