Shanghai dragon essence is how to obtain the trust of the search engine

1. is the most headache of the original article, this thing is also a lot of stationmaster of head of a commonplace talk of an old scholar, things can not be, the original content proportion is too large, so we cannot do without the website optimization, hide something in a headache, also want to bite the bullet and to write, to do. We have rules in the update site, don’t three days fishing nets two days of drying, so that the search engine spiders eat a meal, hungry, so he will often visit our site, we update the trick is every time, quantitative update, I think this is relatively easy do, we compared the daily working hours are basically the same rule. Also note that the number of their updates to site and his size echoes.

is now feeling more and more Shanghai dragon industry disorderly, due to low threshold, let many people feel to buy a domain name, began to rent a space optimization industry, can make money. Who knows all the hair of the chain, update the content, but have not seen a penny of profit, slowly lose heart, let it hang to the site where neither dead nor alive. The final is to close the server or domain name expires.

I think, a lot of websites not profitable because the website didn’t think of how to profit, there is no purpose to do, just think about the choice of words, to optimize, certainly earn money, in fact, we should be clear about our website profit point where, before doing the station is advertising, is sales of products, or the development of a member of VIP, the US in the early stages in the heart has a bottom, and then toward their default path, until success.

so we in the site optimization process, the most fundamental thing is to get the trust of the search engine. This is what I want to say to you today. Then we should be how to get the trust of the search engine, I will share personal optimization and exchange of learning.

technology at all, there is a dialect said: it takes three minutes to eat shit. So no matter what you do, what we have to have a humble attitude to something, something not, hold a learning attitude, can slowly success.

In fact, any industry has

3. also pay attention to key words we optimized industry problems, for example you optimize some legal grey keywords >

2. domain name and server problems, if you often go to a friend’s home, friends always closed the door, you will often go, certainly not. Then the search engine spiders, if every time we came to the site above are real and not open the site, or return to a server, then he would often come to you, I do not have much to explain everyone will understand. In fact, the proportion of domain name in our optimization basic little effect, but for a good way to remember the domain name and have great benefits.

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