There will be spring Shanghai dragon Er to do long tail keywords

we all know that the long tail keywords competitiveness of small, because the user to search engine to search what are, the network provides a wide channel to the user. We through the statistics from the traffic analysis tool can see the long tail phenomenon is obvious. Take mogujie贵族宝贝 for example (see below), its main keywords ranking are good, but the long tail keywords is still the main source of traffic, many large site traffic is on the move to long tail keywords. Long tail keywords flow up to 50%~80% are not unusual. So for large sites, there will be spring Shanghai dragon Er to do long tail keywords.

so, what should we do the long tail keyword ranking? I believe that as long as we do the optimization of page, long tail keywords ranking will naturally improve. The most important site optimization is to ensure that the pages included.



is the first link in the chain of internal adjustment, is entirely by our webmaster controls, the website structure is very important, good website structure directly to solve the weight problem and included page. Seize the key issues, that deal with important page, to adjust the structure of non essential pages, improve the weight of secondary page classification, which contains a large number of long tail keywords page to be included.

finally, I want to say is the concept of long tail keywords said that we should not focusing on the keyword, but from the structure of the website, the original content of domain name, age, the size of the site, and the chain of quality. Phase.

again, is the domain name weight, a good domain name has a great impact on the website, domain name registration is early, the more favorable for the website ranking, it is one of the most important intangible assets of our webmaster. The best is the domain name contains keywords, there are two reasons, one is the keyword domain name itself is given a ranking weight, another is by others reproduced left links is the original URL, is equal to the link anchor text contains keywords in our website.

is the number of long tail keywords more, less number of keyword search keywords, so unpopular, it is necessary for us to do? For a large website, it is necessary to do long tail keywords, the new owners will have in the forum asked how to do long tail keywords ranking

second, there must be a lot of website content, it is difficult for a small enterprise stand for, because the webmaster only through software transfer and collection, or pseudo original, very few small business station or direct their original production site content to the user. Because there’s really a long tail effect site must have at least tens of thousands of pages, those hundreds of thousands or even millions of only ordinary, so small business station do not do long tail keywords good. The original and user large website also want to pay attention to the experience of the website content, update the content is also very important.

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