Your website optimization method can improve the work efficiency


, copy and paste can not get good rankings

as the search engine algorithm change constantly, decide the site’s ranking factors more and more, we work more often than competitors, but the website ranking is not very ideal. Then look around those websites ranking well, you will find your website optimization thinking is often lagging behind, now Riquan Pang summarize the general webmaster for website optimization method and the place needs to be improved.


you can go to search the title, just copy and paste the. Because the owners of the house of love Shanghai traffic is expected according to the website keywords ranking to decide, Shanghai traffic is expected to prove love as the keyword of the website rankings are good. We look at the website of love Shanghai traffic forecast:

from this site we know, we can also copy and paste other people’s articles, but these articles are for customers. Not just copy others, even the format of the article have not moved to clear your own website. The format of the article to the formal website, can not appear blank and paragraph massive disorder phenomenon, must be convenient for the user to read. You see A5 and the owners of the house, what time they write their own articles? If your website content is needed by the customer, the search engines don’t care about your copy or original.


website optimization novice ask yourself what needs to be improved in the veteran, veteran general said "many update original articles, do not copy." It is not good for plagiarism website? Shenzhen website construction industry there is a company, he seldom to write their own articles, most of them are from other places and industry related articles to copy and paste.

is that part of the enterprise, they have internal chain of the Commissioner, asked how much the chain every day, to be at least the number of search engines included every day. But the enterprise website ranking are good? As we all know, now at other sites do a anchor text is more and more difficult, the anchor text is also known as the "link", is the weight can improve the site of a word. A Links is the anchor text, so Links can improve the site keywords ranking, also is the truth. Pure text links posted at the bottom left is to improve the weight of the entire page, will help enhance the overall weight of the site.


two, did not focus on the construction of the anchor text to

can see the chain number can be said to be relatively high, the number of the chain number is the anchor text (statistics is not very accurate). His Links is only 35, but the chain number is 138.

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