When you want to quickly improve website weight should be content with

, the original content, pseudo original by

as a new station, if the content is collected, it is difficult to make a site with a good weight. I think early should be based on the original articles, false original article supplement. Each article is original it is impossible, it can be said now may not have a website to do, even if it is A5, Chinaz network owners who are based in the original article, in addition to some of the more popular network information in this article is come from other websites. Not only have the original time but also have some writing skills, so through the pseudo original to complete is a good thing, a deep processed out of the false original article, by the probability of search engine included or very large.

weight high website, need to spend far more easily than the new experience, at least in the content and frequency of updates can spend a lot less thought. The new station is not the same, a little "care" is not good, probably won’t give you a snapshot update. So in the update, the webmaster friends have to persevere, to spend a few hours a day in the fixed time point of the article, do not depending on their mood, adhere to the update will let website weight have a quick upgrade every day.

website weight is very low, or even three months ago many sites are the investigation into the stage of love in Shanghai, the site of ups and downs, and update the snapshot and stagnation. For many new owners, these three months is a long wait; because the site did not rank, no traffic, perhaps many webmaster at this stage have not get on the site is three days fishing nets two days of drying, update the site to look at their own mood, good mood to spend two or three hours to get the hair of the chain, the mood is not good, a week and a half months do not want to touch. This is the biggest drawbacks of novice.

The new


is essential

for a new station, you want to quickly improve the weight of the website, I think we should start from the content of the web site. Only let your website more articles, in order to enhance the ZhengZhan weight. At this time many owners may be questioned: their new sites included not many, but very good keywords ranking. In fact, keyword ranking is good, does not mean that the site has much weight, look at those keywords the degree of competition, some popular keywords, the competition is very small, as long as there are a few outside the chain of high quality can make up the rankings, when you are in love Shanghai search site name to know oneself in less than 100, can not find another new station; keywords ranking is good, perhaps love Shanghai for a new long-term care, have a good ranking is the hard truth. The railway station on the chain and can not take much effect, only the site has more articles, more included, can quickly let the website weight have a big promotion. In terms of the renewal of the content, I think the new station should hold the following points:

must adhere to update every day


three, the spider

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