The new site can’t find home solutions

three. To write high quality articles, the author believe this is the weight > can write out

if a home site site in the search engine to the first page you can’t find it, it is very likely that the site is down right now but a lot of new sites often appear in this situation. The new station is not the same with the old railway station, this is not because the site is down right, but the weight of home page this is usually not enough. The emergence of new sites in Google.

two. The increase of the chain resources: new sites included in the can after is Links exchange with other sites, if you already have some websites that can be linked to each other. Have no resources, can also be used with the usual meeting site to exchange, which requires more friends is that friends this is the way the truth about every day. Also need new exchange, everyone is a new exchange difficulty also is not so big. It is not out of Nirvana, their own money to buy a few high quality of the chain. The chain has been an important means to increase the weights of the website. It must be in this effort.

I recently made a new station, Google two days included more than 600 pages, but could not find a home, love Shanghai included a front page, other pages are not included. From this phenomenon we can see that Google is included from the content page to the home page for the new station, first you have to study the contents of a lot of use to the user, before deciding whether to release the home page, in the sea is the first page you put out, and then slowly examine your content page, the page data before deciding whether to release your content page. But in general, whether in Shanghai or Google are love as a result of this phenomenon is not only the website weight, find the problem, here we share method to solve the problem.

. Change the chain link address: new sites just do it, when to attract spiders, in order to achieve the purpose of quick attract spider in the forum post, when blogs are often reproduced. Take the form of the website is some articles reproduced to other website. As we all know, if a post or a blog on the content can attract the attention of the spider, maximize your website speed. To do so, the search engine know your website is from your content page, because the hair of the chain of the net station is some high weight website. So in a short time content even if your home page will be included, may also be ranked in those websites below. Once the website included, then send in the chain, can’t write the address, even if is reproduced in the article The source also, to fill in your website address, can not fill in the content page address. The aim is to put the weight of the website from the content page transfer to the home page. This step is the earlier operation better, new station can achieve the purpose of not included a few chain, usually as long as we go to the website that sent the article link address to send a few articles to address into the home page link address.

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