To experience the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform mobile phone SMS reminder tool convenience

this morning, let me to experience the convenience of mobile phone short message reminder function, is on the train to work suddenly received a text message, open a look at the original love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform message reminder, the mobile phone SMS contents as shown below:

love Shanghai official Webmaster Platform released by < message reminder tools > the way of receiving mail, SMS, mobile phone log in directly to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform into view message reminder. According to the official introduction of perfect information, can be obtained through the above several website exception message reminder, but I received in the last message reminder in addition to direct mail login view and receive alerts when the mobile phone did not receive SMS alerts, then I am really a bit puzzled love difference Shanghai official is going to specially in the QQ group to discuss with you this time, we are saying that the instrument almost, just on the line soon, many places also need to continuously optimize the think it is.


if there is a webmaster friends especially novice webmaster do not know or have.

about love Shanghai Webmaster Platform message reminder tool release has been 1 years 4 months and 9 days, how many webmaster friends do not know real experience < in this year; message reminder tools > give us website abnormal reminding the benefits of regulation, but also did not see how many webmaster wrote receipt the message reminder for the original, just on the line near < message reminder tools > anyway, Yang Zi is Shanghai dragon experienced one, this was also wrote a related article titled "from the optimization of an industry website truly appreciate the Baidu message reminder tool action" on the article mainly talked about message reminder tool gives a website with abnormal supervision convenience, accuracy, if you are interested in any of the webmaster friends can search to see, in this I do not talk much, mainly for today To share mobile phone SMS message reminder tool < > convenience.


Yang Zi before the share of Shanghai dragon introduced first < message reminder tool > has an effect on the website which abnormal reminder, as shown below:

message reminder tools have been by binding directly to the mobile phone SMS notification abnormal information webmaster website, abnormal information monitoring website for the webmaster can the abnormal situation whenever and wherever possible, to timely treatment, improve the efficiency of adjusting website website optimization, website traffic to prevent loss.

pictured on the website of the message reminder tool 5 exception can remind the construction of 1. chain 2. abnormal abnormal content of the construction of 3. websites are sending spam marketing account information 4. website by various hackers grab spider 5. sites in abnormal. For the 5 problem is a simple website abnormal remind here, want to know more Webmaster Platform can enter the information channel, the mobile phone or get SMS receiving message reminder: site anomaly.

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