4 25 love Shanghai earthquake chain

in my opinion, the two is particularly important, we must pay attention to, so rational, love Shanghai each push Xindu is to progress, we must from the perspective of the Internet to analyze.

, the introduction of the new Shanghai love judgment chain is normal only principle: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations. Saying this sentence I read a dozen times and I still didn’t know the meaning of love in Shanghai, this statement is ready to accept either course, leaving the bottom or directly into the bottom part of the means. Shanghai love you this "veiled" attitude is really funny.

4.25 when I was in Sichuan for the Ya’an compatriots have a heavy tribute, love Shanghai launched the "chain earthquake" is coming, felt violent strength, spread to the entire Internet source. People in grief, love Shanghai still no reason to stop because the atmosphere is changing the behavior of the algorithm. I want to laugh, a few days ago is still finishing the chain platform summary table, but in the 4.25 "love Shanghai earthquake" on fire, useless. I think that is a webmaster, no one will be able to survive, the day just before the station leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 is down right, what those 6.22 events, 6.28 events were all sidelined, because this change is not only the love Shanghai love Shanghai website, is to change the entire internet.

We first look at the ! low IQ?

looking back, also love Shanghai once lovely, but it’s 4.25 introduction of this chain of judgment is to delete the article, the webmaster of Shanghai love all the memories, I carefully read every word, can only say a word more than one word can hurt my heart. I suddenly began to appear on the website a remote future state, I ask myself the website not cheating way to do outside the chain, but those who have not the technique of cheating, but now can not be reused, the chain is self-evident for the importance of a website, and now the chain looks like Shanghai with a gun pointed at you the head, let you step to the passover, love Shanghai love Shanghai, you are not cheating, this is your father ah BEng


is the most important in see a signature: BBS. Fortunately I have been hate this way, I believe we all know Shanghai dragon I have it, a platform is very good, but the forum outside the chain but it will play, no matter what the landlord written reply, he will bring a "good learning", and finally their own a look at the link, is selling furniture etc.. Learning, learning your sister ah, this left the way of the chain is low quality is too bad, you love Shanghai do a really cheerful. Then love Shanghai this one given that what is love? The meaning of Shanghai is nothing more than that: you want to go to the forum outside the chain, please go to the site with their high degree of platform to sell you a furniture to Shanghai dragon forum, when I

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