Love Shanghai algorithm fast update Shanghai Longfeng workers how to deal with

according to the latest foreign reports, Google’s algorithm has been from the past week to change more, this greatly improved the speed of Google update algorithm, the same for a lot of Google’s Shanghai dragon brings great influence on workers. Line to Google as the largest search engine platform love Shanghai has begun in the technology, is the second largest high technology platform currently behind Google algorithm, the algorithm updates the love Shanghai from the past month, quickly switched to the week, even in the near future, more will begin to turn into reality, in this context, how to deal with the Shanghai dragon workers became a very crucial thing.

first, site update frequency to accelerate more than love Shanghai. Now many webmaster for sustainability website content updates and no performance, sometimes a week to update, not to mention more. If the rapid update in Shanghai algorithm background, if the site does not update frequency love Shanghai fast algorithm, you can only make love Shanghai think your site on the Internet has already become sluggish website, so the spider can reduce the number of Shanghai love to visit your site, a long period of time on site weight will be decreased rapidly. So in the high frequency of love Shanghai algorithm under the influence, it is particularly important to speed up the update rate.

usually love Shanghai algorithm update slower, so the Shanghai Longfeng workers will be smaller, which is why the past content is king, the chain for the emperor has become an important factor in the industry an important standard, then need only crazy hair the chain, it is very difficult to website to no good rankings, so at that time the Shanghai dragon worker is proud, limelight without the two. However, with the love of Shanghai to enhance the degree of intelligent algorithm, frequency update algorithm continues to increase, many workers in Shanghai Longfeng began to feel confused, so re sort the optimization strategy for the love of Shanghai, love Shanghai rapid update algorithm under the background of the promotion of optimization effect is more important, it can from the following aspects to deal with.

third, on Monday and Tuesday during this period must be on the website of the Links full range of inspection, must know that now many site was suddenly love Shanghai punishment, often because of their Links website caused trouble, because love Shanghai although more new algorithm become more frequent.

second, after a lot of observation, love Shanghai algorithm to update the sensitive period on Wednesday and Thursday, most of the nodes, so if the sudden increase of the chain website, often let love Shanghai think your site in cheating, and now love Shanghai algorithm is very close surveillance for the unusual behavior of many sites, perhaps eventually not to punish the site, but occasionally will your site were observed in Shanghai love box, then your website ranking may be in a short time will disappear, the website operation will obviously be a negative effect, so in the fast love Shanghai algorithm to update the background, we must attach great importance to the construction site outside the chain of continuity and stability, remember to change radically.

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