After the relocation work site optimization

above is not understand some views about the site after the move, also will go to do this, of course, in addition to these, the most important fact or a stick, if only three days fishing nets two days of drying attitude to perform, so let the site closed, this is easy, success is derived from the network your persistence! Finally.

The construction of the chain of

when some friends may move will associate the revision of the idea, anyway, have effect of moving, or simply a revision, so that the next time will not need to change; in fact this idea is wrong, the site moved to a certain extent, will affect the site itself in the search engine in the state, this time is to as far as possible to recoup their losses, and cannot be added to the revision of the impact, it will only make the web site in the search engine to a worse state, so, move the first point to note is that the data structure, the overall site don’t change, to avoid too many dead links.

frequency, the quality of the content is still to be mentioned, the quality of any time are the most important, and the moment of turmoil after the content of the website, the quality is especially important, do not copy and paste directly, although not each of the original, at least to achieve high quality pseudo original

2, after the removal of the engine speed

3, after the removal of content

! The quality of the content

5, after the removal of the link building

site after the removal of the engine speed must not be too slow, although not necessarily more than before the relocation of the host, at least not before the host has too many gaps, otherwise the site speed from a fast to slow the process, not only is the search engine, with visitors is also an unfriendly behavior


, the site was forced to close in a few days, forced to move abroad, this ranking for a temporarily stable site is undoubtedly a small blow, so was this so, no way, we have these grassroots adhering to the "policy / xiayouduice" the principle of work, the site will move to move, to minimize the impact of these, how to deal with the aftermath work site optimization after moving? Here are some of my views do not understand.


1, after the relocation of the

Site structure of

update frequency is very important, because the site after the move should be used to update strategy is stable, do not be what you want is what time to update it, try to be fixed update daily, as before the update and are not too big to move.

4, after the relocation of theIn addition to

!Update frequency of

website before moving there is definitely a rough outline, can not change it, when updating the content in the construction of perfect chain, at the same time to the outside of the chain, mainly in order to attract the spider crawling our website, so that we can better restore our health website ""

Prior to

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