Chinese segmentation technology analysis of the aristocratic baby

, a noble baby Chinese search results

do you think noble baby (Google) is a powerful love Shanghai? (Baidu) on the nobility, baby can be found. Yes, but that is only limited to the English, or other foreign search. When using Chinese search. The two is really noble baby. Don’t believe the sea will take you to see me today the search results, you can try it yourself, this let me determined to love Shanghai, soso, Sogou search engine to search domestic Chinese, Chinese baby does not find aristocratic ye.

today a string of characters "Wuliangye search Chinese | Guojiao 1573
Fenggu | Jiannanchun honghualang liquor price list". Of course, this is a personal marketing Jianghai website, from Shanghai dragon and aesthetic perspective, I added the vertical bar "|". But because with the vertical bar used in the Chinese Webpage. Noble baby confused



two, love Shanghai Chinese search results

station in Shanghai Longfeng ER angle

noble baby is really two. You Chinese search does not love Shanghai, objectively speaking, also want to love Shanghai is not proud. After all, your baby more noble than scandal where, moral still accuse you of

just saw Guo Jiao 1573? Is ranked in the first part of the Wuliangye is not the user wants to search in the noble baby? Also own the noble baby? Do feel this kind of search is wired. But when removing the vertical bar in Jianghai search, more noble baby two. Search out the first three are the same waste site, a site of the Shanghai dragon people hate the special catch others snapshot, Shanghai Phoenix, people’s website included snapshot information. No user worth a damn website, ranked in the top three.


word segmentation technology is indeed a technology to do Shanghai Longfeng people must pay attention to the ability of TV founder believes that in the keyword set the site, classification and description when writing programs must pay attention to the love of Shanghai Chinese search engine segmentation features, try not to let your word processing become the short board of the Shanghai dragon second rate. After all, the content and structure is the inner part of Shanghai Dragon King’s primary focus, the >



is also a word "Wuliangye | Guojiao 1573
Fenggu | honghualang liquor Jiannanchun price list", I found was very good in Shanghai love to search, can accurately identify the vertical bar, do not affect the search results, also remove the vertical bar "|" love Shanghai search results is still so precise, Chinese search engine Robin Li created a really awesome.

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