According to user needs to give the site a soul


keyword we usually say is part of the title of the website. The selection of key words is often the user demand. For example, search Dongguan website optimization keywords the keywords, itself has no value, but the needs of the user through the search engine search keywords, this is given a value, the more people search more value. On the contrary, not more people search the key words, the key is user demand, exactly the needs of the user, it appears the keyword value.

so that the second step is that the website title is to solve the user needs as the premise of setting, is consistent with the optimization of site location ranking.


so that the positioning of the site started from the site title, an accurate and unique website title determines ranking web site optimization. Because it will tell the search engine: I do is a what kind of website

so the third step is to analysis the search industry, what the needs of the user? The general enterprise is the sale of products, the search needs of users is the general products manufacturers, price, usage, contrast, parameters etc.. For example, search keywords of a product, is the product price based on a search page in front of the two page website title, then the user is the largest of the price of the product demand, so the title of the site will be able to set the price of the product, such as a product: in 2016 the latest price list – brand word. Of course, this title is the most radical.

then you need to know is the principle of search engine, why your competitor’s site in the front row? Because it addresses the needs of users, is using a search engine search engine to help users solve the problem.

The definition of The An important part of the

site is probably to determine the site characteristics, bring the special occasions and the use of special groups and the characteristics of interest, special position that the site in the network, the core concept, its core function, the target user group. So what is the positioning of the site? In fact, the positioning of the site with a simple sentence is: I want to do what kind of a

that should be how to operate? This time we need to know about the basic structure of the site, usually by the website is the website title and website content, the main form of the site is the site of the title location. For example, when we search the Dongguan website optimization, the first sight is the site’s title and description, that is to say the site title is directly involved in one of the most important factors of Web site optimization ranking. The description is added to the web site of the title of notes and words to attract users to click action.

website as enterprises and products, the need for accurate positioning. For the website optimization, website localization is very important, simple, and accurate site location, site optimization has achieved half of success.


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