A web site search keywords will English why Chinese ranked second home



on the two: whether this site was hung black chain using the webmaster tools to detect client website source code, did not find the program hanging links about a Chinese keyword.

on the three: see through a webmaster tools website chain enter the website domain name, the results came out, a total of 7 links to this English website, look at the name of the link, the original is the Chinese keyword, all links to web page.

note: this problem is a small saw in May 10th, ranking second page (Encyclopedia below), the website ranking in 21, it is noted.

A thinking


is the title of the article I see a problem in Shanghai know, questions users confused and attach relevant pictures for answers. Because the editor is also engaged in the Shanghai dragon industry, this is also very interested, so he studied, discovered the mystery of this station.

: whether the content for this web site contains Chinese keywords or keyword Chinese English translation through a keyword search Chinese love Shanghai netizens question (love Shanghai index 75), search results ranking second is really a English website, at this time, Xiao Bian first thought is to view the contents on the website. Open the English website, found that there are English, content is contained a Chinese keyword. So Xiaobian use a translation tool to Chinese words translated into English, after reading web content is contained in the English keywords, search results, or not.

by sharing network 贵族宝贝liwuzhijia贵族宝贝 original feeds, starting Admin5, please keep the link. Respect the original, build a harmonious ecological internet.

see here, I believe that everyone has to know what’s happening? Or is this a webmaster or cyber source, to hang black chain on other sites, keywords to your site. Xiao Bian also looked at seven sites of the chain are linked to the source inside a gray area of words.

This paper presents

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