After the number of site outside the chain increased three measures to quickly solve problems

so far, there are many sites outside the chain surge phenomenon, outside chain jumped after the site has a lot of love Shanghai is down right, there are many websites weights rise, of course this is rarely the case appears, because most of the chain surge after all of low quality junk outside the chain, so the possibility of rising weight is very small, unless the chain jumped after the station is very serious to do outside the chain of high quality. So, in the face of the surge of the chain, the site began to appear a variety of problems, the owners how to do it? In fact, webmaster now do not need to think too much, because of love for Shanghai are abnormal chain surge three measures. At the same time, A5 also hope that the majority of owners encounter marketing site outside the chain increased the traffic anomaly, can refer to the solution given by the love of Shanghai. In addition, if your site appears right down, no ranking, traffic anomaly, unable to break through the bottleneck, through the A5 station network characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/? Hz) comprehensive diagnosis of the site to site service, away from the disease problems! A5 diagnosis consulting engineer, the enterprise qq:800017899! What are the love of Shanghai:

when the site outside the chain of abnormal surge, check whether the page is linked to the user to create personal pages, garbage page, content page, these are spam, junk vote. So, if the webmaster of violent chain increase belong to this class, that increased audit efforts will not allow this type of.

what is the mosaic of the search results page >

three measures: the search results page for stitching, directly in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform feedback center feedback

when the site outside the chain of abnormal surge, see the links page is home page, channel page, page key and non batch Structure page, these are malicious voting. So, if the webmaster of violent chain increase belong to this class, the proposed increase to efforts outside the chain of tools can be directly to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform found in this link and reject.

measures: malicious vote, refused to increase the intensity of

A chain of The number of


site outside the chain suddenly soared, and the number of surge after very suspicious, this is not a good thing for the webmaster, perhaps for some webmaster is a good thing. Why? Because some sites outside the chain of the surge after increased a lot of high-quality high quality natural chain chain, some sites surge after increasing a lot of useless low quality chain. So, if the webmaster of the site outside the chain suddenly surge occurs, should be timely to this part of the chain analysis, look at the quality of the chain, the chain will retain high quality and low quality of the chain of garbage refuse, don’t let the garbage chain harm their own website.

two measures: to spam and junk voting, increased audit efforts

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