Depth analysis of chain operator mistakes

3, do , please indicate the source!



, the chain number the better

keywords description text links, less URL, less of 2 the same URL links or description text links on the same page, from right down punishment.

search engine to force the chain operation becomes more and more refined, the webmaster want to survive in the industry must continue to do a word "fine" in the first A5, from Hubei Cheng Li group released the original 贵族宝贝clczzc贵族宝贝

I think this is 80% of all think so, according to the adjustment of the search engine has given the weight of high quality, multi link. Here to remind a one-time new sites don’t add too much station links, so easy to be considered cheating. The webmaster should get rid of the traditional single chain, such as the number of ideas, focus on the site of scarce resources (A5 publication) outside the chain to avoid the search engine chain algorithm caused by change of right down.

2, for the chain issued by all promotional channels such as QQ space, QQ group to enhance the click rate, prolong the life of the outer chain, weight transfer through the link.

two, timely inspection and maintenance to avoid excessive loss of

1, and correlation to ensure the high quality of the chain, the chain hair should always go to click and maintenance. For example, to build a special Shanghai dragon why solutions and consulting often interact.

Adjust the

into the end of December most of the domestic stations are subject to varying degrees of impact on the search engine algorithm update unbridled adjustment suggests the chain operation mode for the coming year will be more and more important, but many Shanghai dragon R are still committed a series of common mistakes, if not pay attention to the operation of the will to the abyss. From the updated data show weight and the chain of keywords ranking has more low, but we cannot give up to do have the right to do. Out of the traditional misunderstanding, what are the specific errors in

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