Entrepreneurship guide Cao Cao fortune history understand these three points you earnedPost Crisis


in the $4 million financing for start-up seed and angel >

he won the first batch of angel investment from his capital: Xunyu, Xunyou, Guo Jia led Yingchuan Xuchang advisers group for his economic revitalization efforts, to develop business development plans for him.

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finally, we divide this dataset into two distinct time periods:

‘s final analysis tells us:

in order to answer this question, we used data from more than 4400 US companies that conducted angel or seed round financing between 2004 and the end of 2014. We have filtered out capital intensive industries such as life sciences, petrochemicals, exploration and hardware, and we haven’t calculated companies with less than $25000 in funding before the A round.

20 years ago, people believe that the establishment of a start-up is low cost. Infrastructure and other factors of the open source framework, on-demand cloud computing the prototype of the rapid development of technology, 3D printing, manufacturing progress, material science more popular into the field of hardware etc. greatly reduces the establishment of a startup software company cost.

entrepreneurial inspiration Tips:

"rule the world" is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship, Cao Cao here, Cao Cao’s entrepreneurial team the first team he is in Liu revolted. The core members of these teams is caoxing and Xiahou surname cousins, the famous Cao Hong, Cao Ren, Xiahou Yuan, Xiahou Dun, Li Dian, Yue Jin et al.

The three

we excluded 2015 and 2016 because the company at this stage is too short to be a mature sample.

these two days, the circle of friends is just a theme costume drama "the alliance" military adviser Sima Yi scraper. Quite a few netizens lamented that "it’s rare to have a costume drama that’s not so dilatory, it’s very burning brain"; and some netizens call it "the first emperor did poineering work, not half, and the middle way to do Cao Cao", which is very hilarious.

if the four famous books, which is closer to the business relationship, not the three kingdoms. All kinds of Three Kingdoms strategy, games, film and television drama too numerous to mention. From the historical point of view, to the Eastern Han Dynasty culture of Wei Shu Wu, Liu Bei, Sun Quan and Cao Cao kingdoms, which one is not a business expert

today, infrastructure technology may be cheaper and more convenient. But how do startups build a holistic business? There may be a lot of ways to answer this question, but we’ll focus on start-ups with seeds and angel wheels that could get A rounds of financing. In the past ten years, most startups will seed and angel round of financing for the construction of the first iteration, the first employment technology and business core team members, some marketing experiments, and finally get the enough attraction to the A round of financing to promote sustained growth.

startups’ survival rate over a period of time,


1, the cost of starting a startup is now higher,

, and these earliest teams are Cao Cao in their vision of judgment, make use of the relationship after the accumulation of social resources.

is now set up a startup than ever lower cost, then the contrast in the past few years the amount of financing about the company, we will find that the seed round of financing amount smaller startups are more likely to get A round of financing.

Cao Cao: a successful key male mouyuan slightly, the use of the relationship.


in the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao is more like that of a legend after different appraise hit off, the ultimate success of Cao Cao Wei Wu Daye, looking up, have the following core ability, can give us a present normalizing public business, innovation "to bring a lot of inspiration, can be written into you the business guide

, the soldier who does not want to be a general, is not a good soldier. He is talking about ambition and ambition. A generation of American Cao Cao apparently lack the courage, but the business can first cause of the success of the vision, the male mouyuan slightly, use, can make use of social resources.


" Cao Cao first set military alliance with the help of the lens, the headache has entered the world of Cao Cao Yu Hewei, a Hua Tuo treatment, I will rule the world "Cao Cao emperor domineering and accentuates the spirit of courage.

especially corner of Yu Hewei’s Cao Cao, the only, and strategizing in control, one spirit of deep acting skills, people touched Cao Cao’s habits.

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next, let’s take a look at it.

Abstract: many netizens lamented that "there is no such thing as a" no drama "," very burning brain "; there are also friends jokingly called the" first emperor entrepreneurship, not half, and the middle way to do the Cao Cao ", it can be said to be very hilarious.

, -2011, a start-up of seed / angel financing during the 1 and 2004

, -2014, a start-up of seed / angel financing during the 2 and 2012

! ?

Abstract: 08 years after the financial crisis, seed and angel round investors may eventually become victims of their own success, a lot of capital into the start-up company burn rate rise, the amount of comparable A round round seeds.

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