Three old men do not do executive embarrassment business half a year to complete the 2 round of fina

April 2015, Huo Tao CEO, sand Chung CFO, Xiang Xiang CMO, together with the creation of a technology innovation company, Baishan cloud technology referred to as "white mountain", aimed at the cloud after service market.

"it’s hard, it’s hard." Huo Tao and sand Chung said four words in the memory of the beginning of the financing. They know a lot of investors in the circle, but really to their own business, but found that human cards are not good to play, two months, dozens of BP sent out, no one willing to vote.

initially did not invest, and three founders paid less than $10 million for their own money. In 2016, the company completed two rounds of financing within six months, totaling more than 200 million yuan. By the end of 2016, the company’s turnover reached 200 million and achieved profitability.

dozens of cold-shoulder treatment

ate cold-shoulder treatment, which is within two months of the dozens of Huo Tao remember?. On 2015, just after the lunar new year, the lively atmosphere in the street was still warm. But the three founders had little interest in watching them. It doesn’t feel them for a long time, such as the boy is pointing venture investors. "40 year old" old man ", do not do well in the enterprise executives, out of this crime." They occasionally think so.


"don’t buy me. Let’s have a try."." This is Xiang Xiang’s pet phrase. "Used to, in the early years facing big customers, sometimes."." He said.

cloud computing into the enterprise ten years later, the enterprise level market technology upgrading and innovation attract many capital and entrepreneurs influx. But only the entrepreneurs in it know how difficult the road is.

three is not a green hand 90 entrepreneurs, but the average age of 45 year old middle-aged uncle. Huo Tao was a senior vice president of blue flood, Xiang Xiang in charge of IDC and cloud computing business. And sandy Chung not only in China, rent a car and six rooms and other Internet Co as chief financial officer, also from 2003 to 2011, served as blue valley chief financial officer. Blue flood is China’s first CDN Content, Distribution, Network, content distribution network service provider, listed on NASDAQ in 2010.


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, when the online video industry has just started, Huo Tao and Dai Xiang are still in the flood season. They have seen the video industry’s demand for network acceleration syllogism: can not see what to see; how to see. In the last few years, bandwidth, speed, content, IP, and VR have all come up with their initial reasoning. "It’s painful when you find that your original expectations are correct and you don’t have room to play. We don’t want too much restraint, we want to create a company of our own." Huo Tao spoke in an interview. He thinks if a skill

let them do not expect is that their own business will be so embarrassing.

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