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After Feng Huizhong tells

two days before October 20th, surging news reporters in Shanghai Jingan District City, the original touch media headquarters to touch media in August this year has been completely moved out, there have been new companies to enter the office.

official website information display, touch media currently has interactive screen number 50 thousand, covering areas including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Qingdao and the 7 largest city in Hongkong, covering the month 70 million audience, single trip average is 22 minutes long, 69% taxi passengers for 25-44 years of age in first-tier cities consumption the crowd.

accompanied by film and television actor Ray Lui and other star investors involved, touched the rapid rise of the media.

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" touched the media during the outbreak of the period from 2008 to 2010 in Shanghai, World Expo." The insider told the surging news, "since then, with other mobile"

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once in Shanghai taxi everywhere advertising screen, now has a large paralysis, because the operation of this business touch media has been closed down.

"it’s not surprising that it’s happening now." The person said, really touch media lay off employees, the company has become insolvent, but whether into liquidation is not clear.

informed sources told the surging news, in recent years, with the development of mobile media, network about cars, Touchmedia’s external environment has changed, but the internal management of the company is not in place, and let the top lazy, touch media situation increasingly difficult.

foreign press, Touchmedia spent 3 years developing a taxi with a mobile interactive LCD screen, until 2007, will be the first screen placed in the taxi companies have income.

public reports show that in 2008, the media annual advertising revenue touched more than 100 million yuan, an increase of 10 times. By 2010, the company had made a profit.

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Feng Huizhong sellers repeatedly change executives

in 2003, Chinese American Feng Huizhong returned to Shanghai with millions of dollars and founded the touch media.

258 search engine online,

October 22nd, surging news from informed sources, due to poor management, touch media subsidiary – Shanghai Advertising Co. Ltd. contact frequency, at the end of July this year, has announced the end of operation, fully repaying the employees, and set up a working group responsible for affairs.

advertising company responsible person told the surging news, the current public rental and touch media cooperation has stopped, touch media on public rental is in arrears, the public rental has been seeking help through law.

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