Do Wangzhuan first to find their own positionNovice Adsense talk about how to do advertising allianc


novice webmaster is relatively easy to make a mistake, for example, we all feel that the GG alliance is the best, so almost ZhengZhan advertising all put the GG code, this will only give you trouble, usually a GG page advertisement to no more than 2, only the best one, because GG is usually the first advertising price is relatively high, and if you first click advertising is not much, but second advertising click much, then click the lead you directly the advertising price is too low, although this time the number of clicks may be more, but you get less money. I also like this, on one page, to put advertising put GG, then only 5 knife around, then I put the GG advertising has adjusted, to some unnecessary advertising, in order to avoid delays, reduce the cost, and now my GG day earn 15 to around $20. At the same time, you have to put advertising bits into other league code, which is much better than before.

do Wangzhuan first to give yourself a position, what is the objective? I want to touch my views on how to do Wangzhuan:

novice can earn a month? It is likely that many novice are most concerned about the issue, but the reality may make a lot of people disappointed me, do not know from what, you spend at least 20+ hours, can really start making money, one month after opening can really benefit! Just starting to yield, every day can earn 10 yuan if a few good, of course, this is the time to earn more! Is not very disappointed! Think of real life, a white-collar workers the average wage in Nanjing for one month only about 3000 yuan, or 100 yuan / day. To work 8 hours a day and you? If you can persist for 2 hours will be able to have a relatively good income every day, I say is insist! Should be satisfied, if you feel less then

shlf1314, sh419, Ali mother that is known to everyone in the league, generally recommended that the normal station to do this kind of alliance, and we called the garbage station, you can consider some other alliances, such as the eight party alliance chain is good, I can earn 50 the left and right side chain from the eight day, there is such as in addition, popcorn and nine wins, SMS alliance is also a good choice, that friends can apply some union account, do not put on is one thing.

model is: do Wangzhuan + recommend others referral



" " myself; is a inevitable stage, don’t want to eat into a big fat man, the sky one day fall millions, even if you pick it up for you at ease? Do " " although hard, but the only way we can slowly accumulate no – >

you can shlf1314, sh419 check, take sh419 index, there are more than 6000+ friends search "this two word Wangzhuan" in sh419 every day, what is it? That many newcomers want to earn extra money, Chinese poor, especially for our order people poorer! So there are a lot of people under the banner of "earn thousands to fool these newcomers, also led the industry confusion, the novice do not know how to start, even if the entry is in a disastrous state, even cheated was shy of the pockets! This too many examples, remember when just entering the industry it was recommended to me, what helped me do a website, like him, asked me to pay more than 200 dollars, I can earn thousands of yuan package, but he is not willing to computer background,

three, facing reality, how much can a novice earn in a month?

two, recognize the industry

before talking about advertising, friends have to do up the flow, no flow, good advertising is empty, so early in the site, can check what keywords search volume is relatively large, for relatively modest words, the moderate refers to a certain search, but not the kind of very popular the words, such as beauty, the word day search volume in more than 30000, the competition is too intense, want to do in front of sh419 is very difficult, recommended novice don’t choose this kind of words, except for the SEO master course. A little digression, specifically how to do flow, this article is not to talk about.

first introduce myself, I am a software developer, has a stable and fairly good treatment work of software development, website production is still a bit of understanding, the industry also has entered Wangzhuan for over 1 years, not for anything else, just to earn some pocket money.

station site today to 42 days, earn more than 200RMB, may have a webmaster will ignore the crumbs, but I think some webmaster friends just began to site will meet, this article only give new friends some help, also hope to exchange experience of cattle B webmaster, what writing is also wrong please show the younger brother of one or two.

I know myself

do Wangzhuan or most ready to do Wangzhuan is students, just work friends, wages are not high wage earners, anyway you want to earn more money, I belong to the second class. If you do not want to make money online, I advise you to leave early this circle.

…How do Wangzhuan

single page proposal put many types of advertising, such as a page at the same time on the GG, Ali mother and eight party, of course you don’t put the GG and sh419 put together, otherwise you may be K, sh419 and GG secretly engaged in a very fierce, I before another site is also on the sh419 and GG the results of direct advertising, sh419 is to pull the wool, and now sh419 and Ali also had a falling out, but if you intend to put sh419 and Ali’s friends to be careful, I have not done the experiment, but to remind everyone, ha ha, advertising collocation >

How many

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