The WeChat public will have to walk the streets in a hurry

, who played the WeChat public number a few years ago, has been a large part of the population. A lot of people are watching people who are already wealthy and play public numbers, and they follow suit to get a public number. I’m part of the trend. No one had expected that WeChat could be as hot as it is now, and that the fire would shake at the Spring Festival Gala, even when mom and dad watched the Spring Festival gala. Pull away, we do not say today, WeChat has much fire, we talk about just contact WeChat public number players how to use alternative ways to rapidly increase fans?.


public powder, there are many methods, I believe many Daniel who have shared the old gold, here is not in the method repeats the traditional mainstream, but if the mainstream method of adding new powder is already very difficult, since it is certainly very mainstream because many people doing in the same way do, die many methods, it is recommended that novice to play the WeChat public number, you must not take the unusual way, today old gold share WeChat public number plus powder method three offbeat.

method one, making gimmicks

I just registered with the public number, and I don’t know how to add powder. I call the company’s attention to the public number, and I also like to advertise my public number to the customer as much as possible. More than a month down, fans only a few hundred. The old thinking of how people and their fans at every turn tens of thousands, but so little? How to increase the others fans every day brush, and their daily increase of several fans were tread on air. Just when I was worried about this, I had a chance to watch TV news with my family after dinner one day. Suddenly, there was a flash of light. Now, if the society wants to make a big thing, it must rely on speculation and attract people by gimmicks. I think if I take my WeChat public number to make a news, it should also attract a lot of attention. Thinking back and forth for a day, I came up with an idea and decided to give it a try. Immediately after finishing good ideas to prepare materials to advertising company to print 4 copies of the micro signal two-dimensional code body paste (20 yuan / square, spend tens of dollars on the fix), go to the supermarket to buy dozens of packages of sanitary napkins (the cheapest kind on the line, can not spend money). After returning home to the two-dimensional code printed on the body stuck in the car, around each one (why so much? Because we do this is to make the news, speculation will certainly a lot of people taking pictures sent to the Internet, and four with two-dimensional code to others on the angle from which to shoot can be in the photo on the left a two-dimensional code, such people who see these pictures can also sweep, the equivalent of two times), many virality posted napkin the rest position (as much as possible to attract the attention of others). The second day we drove to downtown commercial street, parked the car to the more eye-catching place, I was not far away, passing pedestrians have many wonderful to see so many people around to see the car, most people have come up with mobile phone kuangpai after filming, but also the way to sweep the two-dimensional code sweep car on the. And so on the crowd to a certain extent, I call the identity of passers-by, reported to the local television station, said the commercial street side stopped a car filled with sanitary napkins…… >

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