Webmaster using the technology and the monthly income of twenty thousand of the wise remark of an ex

Cao Guangyun (network people) to share profit model for everyone, also shared the promotion skills, many friends who support me to learn the true method used in practice, there are some friends watching forget, as long as you suggest to the useful try it. However, today is not to talk about promotion techniques, nor is it profitable model, but to everyone thoroughly talking about the experience of twenty thousand in June revenue.

in March this year, a friend put several domain names to my name, domain name registration has just asked me to help him work, because I am willing to help ^_^, easily promised. To be honest this several domain name real bad, only a name I can see, the other is a long domain, and there is no practical significance, if I could not select the domain name registration, also don’t know what he was thinking. After taking over the domain name, I would like to have these domain names pointing to a single page, placed on the Internet, waiting to change ‘old’. But a chance, even these domain names all put in use. One day I had a meal with a friend in the evening, and I mentioned something by accident. Let me help him with the online publicity. He may just say it casually, but I remember it in my mind. The second day, I searched his product keyword on the net, did a bit of analysis, found that the product is not many people who do network promotion at that time, vaguely found some business opportunities. The same day, a simple plan, the site will soon be done. When I once again to friends about this matter, may be due to busy reason, he forgot, ha ha, ‘Great wits have short memories. can forgive.’.

built the site with strange pity, as their own use, so the station also made further in-depth analysis of website optimization and adjustment. The idea was simple, just to use it to validate an idea I had long ago.

a late May 2010 morning, someone called to say what to buy the product, let me give him an offer, I had to ask the ignorant, I don’t do that kind of product ah, I suddenly understand a thing, the original is throwing myself at that site on the left is my head contact. Then I told a friend to contact him, but not the single business transaction, then I asked a friend, just know that the phone is a peer, when I was clear, the original price is set in the peer. My friend asked where I get this information, for the ‘blind’ network, I first take security measures, after the introduction of customer will only promise to him, but he had already thought through the network, as for the details of his only guess.

the first single business no deal, if it can be sold, friends will get a customer, there may be a long-term customers, from my perspective, friends will not treat me, it will deepen our friendship. It doesn’t matter whether you open the door or not. As the saying goes, "everything is difficult at first, and everything is not going smoothly.". Since someone called, that’s what I thought.

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