n four years how slowly deepened understanding of Wangzhuan

2011 is the first year I went to website, as a beginner, although little is known about the Internet, but still every day with enthusiasm to write articles, send the chain, every day looking at the increase of IP traffic, it is a happy heart. Of course, the enthusiasm did not last for a long time, although the IP traffic is increasing every day, but as a beginner, apparently Zhenjinbaiyin more attractive. But every day visitors do not seem to be cold advertising, daily click rate is very low, hard to do for a month, advertising costs just do more than 100 dollars. Of course, I know that in some friends, it’s good to make money in the first month, but I want to say that the ideal and the reality are really a lot worse.


do Wangzhuan to have minimum is expected for the future. Of course, this is not my writing today I want to say, is the expression of friends before entering the Wangzhuan industry must be very clear, that is the higher industry though it can earn money, but in the short term will have little chance of success is very low. That is to say we do net money to remind ourselves, to be 100% into every day, even if the purse up amount is very slow, we should stick to it, as long as the right direction, so money is sooner or later. Just like his original site to do Taobao customers, even if the number of visitors is low, click rate is low, as long as the content, good page design, and truly retain users, then making money is nothing more than sooner or later. But not many people do it.


to tell you the truth really let his guest make a pot of gold Wangzhuan career, but also an ideal. But the coincidence is that Taobao did not do long off with the Baidu 618K station, plus Ali for nearly two years, Taobao customer rebate site is limited to hit the past few take small means do the site could not continue to go mad. In addition to making money on the net several forum, currently in the hands of left, several other station basically is killed. That time is really don’t want to do it, always think they have established the website Empire and it was the third party has been destroyed, this time there will be second times, do not stability is bad, always working for others is not long. But to lose heart lose heart, but I don’t think before you do stand down, brilliant, I intend to transfer their attention to Wangzhuan direction, from the beginning of the third party platform to transfer their own. The straight point is to start being your own brand. This is what I want to give you second Wangzhuan suggestions.

grassroots needs celebrity effect more. The Internet K station every day to continue, who said they do not own will next, if we were to be pulled out of the hair site next, then the flow and the success of Lu Songsong blog, decide on what path to follow? Is that a little bit, in the search brand into the era is the vertical flow is about third. The party, as long as we do this, the station will be third party containment. No >

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