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do you SEO webmaster friends for love station should not be strange? It is 2009 in the webmaster raised a Qifeng website webmaster tools. From the webmaster only know PR case, love station network will "Baidu weight" concept into the webmaster’s ideas inside, and soon by the webmaster’s favor, and in the webmaster tools also occupy a place.


after a few years, love station network has been in a state of lukewarm fire, no breakthrough. Recently, there are rumors that some network industry legend Cai Wensheng and Li Xingping two people jointly invested love station network, can be said to be a shot in the arm to the webmaster. So why did the two of them invest in the love station network? Here’s a simple analysis below: a

1. love station network is currently in the Alexa ranking is good, and in the webmaster tools ranking is also second, second only to Chinaz tools.

2. has only 800 thousand registered members, and more than one million websites have visited.

3. love stand strong as Baidu keyword database, large occupied in the domestic market share, so any company will be promoted by Baidu, then precision marketing is very important, this time using the keyword set can bring huge profits, so the key of e-commerce marketing is most in need of the way. These can be through love keyword thesaurus to learn the weight of Baidu.

said that although Baidu official did not respond positively, but love stand this so-called Baidu weight so many webmaster convinced, including a lot of station I know, if you want to exchange links, you must look at the weight of Baidu.

4. love station to submit new words function, these are also many other webmaster tools can’t satisfy the webmaster. More or now webmaster community, there are few Webmaster Tools better company. This is only a data of love station, if you add Shangcai and Li, China and Cnzz statistics before investment, these are enough for any enterprise in China to make accurate marketing at low cost.

mobile Internet needs love station,


mobile Internet is a trend, there is no doubt about it. From the above analysis, we can know that love stations occupy a large part of the data, have strong data, that is, to have wealth. Compare the data to a sharp knife, and with it you can easily plug into the heart of the mobile internet.

alliance, multi League, Baidu mobile open platform, and so on, from the data level to grasp the mobile Internet database, but Cai Department has not yet a successful case.

, but combine the 4 love station functions together. In the future, whether it’s mobile station or APP, most of them will participate in it and push China

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