also talk about webmaster do stand in insist on

currently do stop the growth in the number of owners in the growth, the new owners will be very difficult to break through in such conditions, it is for every new webmaster heart that is not only the technical differences, but also ideological differences, and why is the mental health problem of you? Have not found the thought of a new idea and an old webmaster webmaster ideas is not the same, you might say the same, then I tell you is not the same. Because to webmaster, he is mature than you, at least do war aspect. You’ll ask again, "what’s that mature?" here, let me tell you one thing about the basic requirements of operations — "stick to it,


many people ignore the importance of the problem, to go so many detours, encountered more setbacks, to accept more challenges, in fact, if you just stick to it, don’t hurry, you will find that in the end point is not far away from our


well, let’s talk about it and get into the conversation. "Stick" from our mouths is simple, but it is quite difficult, do stand in that we should stick to what? – updated every day, every day, all the original content, Boke update, post to the forum, A5 hair article, do stand principle.

1. updated daily content

every day update is priority among priorities step, updated every day can make you more content search engines, attract Baidu, Google’s favorite, you know, love is the most China Baidu boss has real goods, most love new things, you every day of the original, he will love you. If you let him love, that is equal to the flow, is a major success, and there are in, users can visit you in love, the next direct access to your site, may also be more widely. Instead, you insist that every update, then you will be in his mind, example: I have a friend in the movie station ( is not adhere to the daily updates, leading to the site 1 months is not included, he looked every day in Baidu, included the GG engine, but you didn’t How do people collect you when you meet the requirements of others?

2. posts, soft Wen published,

The same

, adhere to published articles will make these engines pay attention to you every day, because the engine note on your word, it would be easy, or you must adhere to the premise of the published article, have a lot of friends in A5 also mentioned that, in my opinion, this is indeed very important, is also useful, at least make a lot of friends to see you! Some natural flow! If you post, will be the engine, this is not the best of both worlds! To the major sects to send post, to attract the attention of the engine.

3. adhere to their good standing principle

do station principle problems, in A5, some friends said, "yes, there must be principles, just as we have the same principles," "live, behave, do stand," do not use what kind of under three hands

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