Blue ocean in the Red Sea 7ahr southwest agricultural talent network development road

tells us about the development of 7ahr’s southwest agricultural talent network. It is necessary for us to briefly introduce what is the Red Sea and blue ocean. The concept of "red sea strategy" and "Blue Ocean Strategy", is from the European Institute of business administration W. money · Kim and Renee Mauborgne · Professor in the co authored a book "Blue Ocean Strategy" was put forward for the first time.

"red sea strategy" symbolizes the traditional competition behavior of enterprises in traditional market space. The competition in the traditional market space is heated up, while demand has increased slowly and even stagnated. With more and more enterprises to carve up and fight for limited market share and profits, so in the "Red Sea" regional competition is bloody.

"Blue Ocean Strategy" symbolizes a value innovation management system which is out of the traditional market space and traditional competitive behavior. It is not just a breakthrough in industrial technology, or a re ordering and construction of competitive resources based on existing market realities.

blue ocean strategy requires companies to jump from the traditional market competition behavior, from the attention and competition than competitors, turn to provide buyers with a leap in value. Cross existing competitors, change market competition rules, re integrate market competition elements, rebuild market and industrial boundaries, open new market potential demand, and create new market space of blue ocean. Companies may be compatible with three competing strategies. In this sense, the blue ocean strategy represents a paradigm shift in the field of strategic management, that is, the change of positioning from a given structure to a change in the market structure itself.

red sea strategy in the existing market space competition, and blue ocean strategy is to create no competition for the market space.

in terms of talent network, must be called the Red Sea, in the Google search "talent network" keywords, about 16100000 records. Specific to each province and city, there are about ten talent websites. So far, the industry says, do what is good, do not do talent network. Of course, now the national talent network by qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin, ChinaHR network giants dominated, and by the local provinces and cities around the talent market dominated job market, it seems talent network basically did not enter the necessary, if not strong, the new website certainly compete with local talent website, let alone the class of large integrated talent website. So, talent website really can not enter again,


before taking over the talent network, we collected data through various channels and demonstrated to the industry. At present, the pattern of talent networks is that the mainstream market is dominated by a comprehensive or regional talent website. Many two or three line websites supplement, and 90% of the talent network strategies are all without exception. According to data show that talent network in the past few years has formed the Red Sea, to develop only a new way. Find your blue ocean".

, when analyzing the comprehensive talent network, we find >

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